02 July 2010

Fabulous Friday: Action Runner

Last Friday I was able to join ShowIt on their Freedom Tour in Atlanta and as I mentioned in that post, I won a copy of Action Runner!  That win, in and of itself, are amazing because I never win anything!  Well, I didn't have Photoshop (until today!) so when I opened even the trial of Action Runner, it wouldn't work for me.

But now... now I'm prepared.  Now I have the tools and now I can fall in love with this super awesome software.  And now I can get my life back.  WOW.  Seriously, you just drop a picture onto the action you want, click Run and voila!  Images are processed while you eat.  Or munch on wedding cake.  Or snap some pictures of everyone gettin' down on the dance floor.  Or fold that pile of laundry you keep putting off because you "have editing to do".

I Can. Not. Wait. to use this at the next wedding I shoot.  Take the pictures, drop them into Action Runner, let it do its thing while I shoot more pictures and then a slide show to wow everyone at the reception is just moments away...  Luckily I'll have my first change to put this into action next weekend for Cody and Seth in a park close to downtown.  Any and all prayers for no rain next Saturday are much appreciated :)

Happy weekend everyone!

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Jim Davis Hicks said...


I can't wait to hear how actionrunner saves you time and helps you create even more amazing imagery!

Thanks for the blog love!!!


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