27 August 2010

Double JC | Wedding Day

Like I said in the previous post, this was such a fun weekend so celebrate with Joe and Jean and to see lots of high school friends.  But, I also had the honor of photographing some of their wedding day.  The reason I only shot some of the day was because I tag-teamed with Ian Curcio, who is a friend of Joe's.  So, I did some before pictures, Ian shot the ceremony (although I still snagged a few) and family pictures, I shot the reception and Ian shot some really fun pictures at the "after-party" later that night. 

Jean got ready in a room an upstairs room at the Inn On Main in Spartanburg with her three bridesmaids and a couple of other friends.  After hanging out with them for a while I made my way downstairs to see Joe and get some more shots of people arriving.  

The wedding ceremony was in the garden and even though it was a little overcast, it didn't stop Joe from beaming when he saw his bride walk down the aisle. It was a small and intimate gathering of family and friends, including Jean's dog Willis as the ring bearer (there's a picture below)!  After the ceremony, we had a small reception at the Inn on Main while the bridal party did pictures with Ian before we all walked over to The Piedmont Club, where many more friends and family joined the fun.

Jean was beautiful in her J. Crew wedding dress.

I love that when I look at this picture, I can hear Jean laughing!

Willis was getting some rest before his big job of carrying the rings down the aisle.  Look at that sweet face!

The cake and the details at the reception were gorgeous!

I had to include this one of Jean's nephew and his aunt and grandma on his other side of the family.  Too sweet!

Introduced for the first time... Mr. & Mrs. Crowther!

Yes... they left on a tandum bike.  It was AWE-some.

SO fun!

Congrats Double JC!  Love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!

Double JC | Rehearsal Dinner

Walking into Indigo Hall in Spartanburg for the rehearsal dinner, I felt like I was already at the reception.  It's such a beautiful venue and I later found out that Jean and Joe are the first people to rent it for a party!  Jean and Joe did such a good job with the decorations and center pieces (to die for!) and just creating an evening for friends and family to relax, have fun and enjoy each other's company.

I've known Jean since at least 7th grade so being able to spend the weekend with her, old friends, new friends and capturing the weekend was SO much fun.  I was able to meet her and Joe for lunch about six weeks ago to talk about the weekend, hear what their plans/thoughts were and to well, meet Joe!  That hour at lunch was enough time to tell that they were made for each other.  They are such a fun couple and as their friends and family roasted and toasted them after the rehearsal dinner, you couldn't help but see how much they are loved by everyone.

Congrats again, you two.  Thank you so much for a fun weekend and for letting me capture much of it with my camera!

This cake was fantastic!  Jean Crow + Joe Crowther equals...

Aren't the centerpieces perfect? Some were even edible!

Jean's dad's roast/toast was perfect!

It brought a good many laughs.

I'll end this post with this picture of me, Jean and Sarah.  Sarah and I both moved to Spartanburg as we were starting 3rd grade.  By 9th grade we were together all the time and even had all six of our classes at school together!  So, these girls are pretty fantastic and I had so much fun seeing them this weekend!

Check back later today for their wedding post!

24 August 2010

Sneak Peak | Double JC (Again)

I couldn't resist another sneak peak...

22 August 2010

Sneak Peak | Double JC

Not a typical sneak peak, I know!  But I'll explain more in the post later this week.  Besides, I was pumped about this shot from Jean Crow and Joe Crowther's wedding so I wanted to share!

20 August 2010

Childhood Friends and Children

It was 1988 and as I walked into Mrs. Multsby's 3rd grade classroom I was slightly apprehensive.  I was the new kid at a new school and I didn't know what to think.  We had just moved from Georgia where we'd been for a handful of years and I had just left my friends from church and school and was missing them like crazy.  But there was this girl sitting on the other side of the room and I knew she lived a street away from me.  And whether the teacher put us there or we put ourselves there, I remember we sat next to each other on the far side of the room.

We became friends and hung out a lot - especially since we lived so close and could ride our bikes to each others' houses (using the "cut through" between the Heider's house and the scary lady's house).  We went to church together, we started orchestra together in 4th grade, we started junior high school together, we started driving a year apart (because she's almost a full year younger than me even though we were in the same grade!), we went to Europe for the first time together... and then she moved away as we entered our junior year of high school.

That was such a big transition year for me, so Carmen moving away almost helped signify that time in my life.  And here we are, in 2010 when Facebook is the world's third largest country (no lie).  It took her a while to create an account but I'm so glad she did!  Go figure it takes the world's third largest country to help reunite us. :)  While I did go see her once towards the end of high school, it had been quite a while since we'd seen each other.  And when she knocked on my door last weekend and gave me a hug, she reminded me that it had been 15 years since we'd seen each other.  ca-RA-zy. 

And here she was, in my driveway with her two adorable little girls that I was so excited to meet!  We hopped back in the car, drove to the store to get some fun props and began our session... right there outside the store!  Love it.  And you'll see why below.

Carmen, it was SO good to see you and to meet Summer and Ivy.  I'm glad you still have family close by so that you'll "have" to come back soon :)

Just a warning... I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites so there are a lot.  Enjoy!

Summer is a natural at this posing thing!

Any time Ivy was on the ground, she was OFF! The girl had places to be and things to see!

This next one is my favorite from the day...

Not gonna lie... I love this one too.

Annnd... this one.

And I'll end with this one of sweet Ivy!

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