27 June 2010

ShowIt: 2010 Freedom Tour

If you've ever been over to my website and seen all the cool, nifty stuff it does, then you've experienced the awesomeness of ShowIt.  So, when I heard that they were doing the Freedom Tour 2010 and would be stopping in the A-T-L, I just HAD to go!  And I'm so glad I did...

I went a little early to ask some questions and hear Q&A with the ShowIt Support Studs.  Below is Andrew showing us some of the cool stuff ShowIt does.

Jim Davis-Hicks started Thirst Relief International and was so inspiring when he spoke later in the evening about how God inspired this outreach and how he's been able to incorporate it into his photography and get so many people involved!

We met for the evening at Ambient Plus Studio, which was AWE-some.

The amazing Molly Jenson sang throughout the evening and I'm happy to say that if you keep up with me, you'll be hearing her music soon!

David Jay was up and speaking in between everyone and it was such an honor to meet him and hear from him in person.  He has so many stories and a unique insight into this thing called photography that we all love.

The first speaker of the evening was Ron Dawson who is actually a videographer.  He gave us much food for thought in regards to adding video to our business.  Not so much as another thing we do (although that's quite possible with video in DSLRs these days) but in using video to introduce ourselves to clients and visitors to our websites!  I, for one, love getting to a website and getting to hear directly from the person I'm trying to learn about, so why not try it for ourselves?  Something to think about...

So, I mentioned Jim Davis-Hicks and Thirst Relief, but when he came up to speak, he was telling us about Action Runner and how it's letting him do what he loves (photography and Thirst Relief) and live life to the fullest - yes, at the same time!  So, if you're a photographer and reading this (thanks, btw!) you should check it out.  The fun news of the evening was that I won a free copy of Action Runner!  I'm so pumped and can't WAIT to start using it!

The last speaker of the evening was Promise Tangeman.  She rocked it out - in her style and what she talked about - in regards to defining our vibe in our business and using ShowIt to do it.  I mean, seriously, she's awesome.  And did I mention that the girl has style??  Love it.

Kevin, one of the ShowIt evangelists, was fantastic.  In just listening to him for like 10 minutes, I learned at least a dozen awesome things in regards to my site that I didn't even know I could do!

Thank you guys SO much for everything in Atlanta.  Safe travels for the rest of the tour in your sweet tour bus!

25 June 2010

Fabulous Friday: Love

One day, I hope to have children of my own.  One day, I hope to go through those painful hours of labor so that I can hold that tiny baby in my arms and fully know, as best I can, how much God loves and feels about us... His children.  But until that day, I get the privilege of being an "aunt" and rejoicing with my amazing friends as they welcome their children into the world.

Last Friday, some of us drove to Columbia to see our friends Wes and Allison and to meet their son, Ian.  He is beautiful and perfect and has such an adorable nursery.  And just wait, it gets better... Allison did it herself and even sewed the bedding in the crib!  The girl is talented.  Like, way talented.

Congrats again, Wes and Allison!  Many blessings as you adjust to your family of three.  Can't wait to see you again soon!

I love tiny baby feet...

I love this look and "thinking" pose he has going on!

19 June 2010

50 Years of Family

Jill had contacted me months ago about photographing her entire family, all of whom would be in town in June for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was going to be a large task because there would be about 20 people!  But, with everyone living in different parts of the country, it was definitely a special occasion that they wanted to capture.

Last week, I met everyone at Furman and after a brief encounter with some sprinklers that went off when they shouldn't have, we started taking pictures.  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend celebrating with the happy couple!

The entire group!

Not only do I love how she still looks at him, but you can see two of their grandkids are in the background.  Not to get too deep, but it's incredible to see how 50 years of life and love have created such a wonderful family (two of whom are in the background)!

 Jill, I really enjoyed meeting your family!

Had to end with this adorable shot of the youngest grandchild.  Isn't she adorable?

12 June 2010

Fabulous Friday: 50 years

This morning I did a shoot with 21 people.  It was nothing short of adventurous!  But the shoot happened all because the adorable couple below is celebrating 50 years together and their kids wanted to capture them and their gorgeous family on film... er, in digital files to be made into prints.  Right.  Anyway, more will come later but I couldn't resist sharing this image.  50 years later and still completely in love.

My favorite part about this image (other than them being so cute!) is that it's straight out of the camera (SOOC).  I just learned that acronym the other day so I wanted to see what I could get shooting manual and adjusting as I went.  Not gonna lie... it was a lot to think about, especially with so many people and not wanting to miss anything!  But, getting an image like this was worth it.

Hope you had a happy Friday!

09 June 2010

Nicknames and Cousins

My list of nicknames is kind of long.  In high school, my friends called me Brasina.  In college, most just called me Brina, while my friend Kristen started calling me Brinar, which has ended up sticking with a handful of people.  But, my favorite of all time came from a little girl who happens to be one of my favorite 3 year olds, Adri.  Like most kids, there was no hope in her saying Sabrina.  So what ended up coming out was Seeba and it was one of the most adorable things ever!

The summer of 2008, when Adri was close to 18 months old, we had a conversation about my nickname and how she had to call me Seeba forever.  I thought we connected, I thought we were on the same page...!  So you can imagine the shock that hit me when one night at dinner she called me Sabrina.  Wait, what?!?  "Adri, who's this?" "Sabrina." I think the look on my face scared her!  But, I guess it would be a little odd for her to grow up and at 15 years old to still be calling me Seeba.  Maybe :)

Well, as I'm watching my beautiful "niece" grow up, I get to see her precious, smiley, happily laughing brother too.  I mean, when you see him in the pictures below, you're going to smile.  A lot.  So be forewarned.  Well, last weekend, their cousins were in town so Adri's mom asked me to stop by and snap some pictures.  Please note that I remember when Colby was born.  And I realized this weekend that he just turned 8.  I mean, what??

This is one of the sweetest pictures of the two boys.

Although this one of Cooper laughing is pretty great too!

The back lighting in this picture (and the beautiful girl in it) make me so happy!

Remember I warned you about smiling?

Well, I dare you not to smile at this adorable face!

Avery was a little reluctant for most pictures, but I managed to get a couple of her :)

I love this next one!

Thanks for the fun evening of hanging out with you guys... and for the delicious food!  Any time Darrell cooks, feel free to call.  You've got my number :)

03 June 2010

Engaged | Ashley & Michael

Ashley and Michael's engagement session started out with me doing something I've never done before... ironing the groom-to-be's clothing.  And no, that is not included in my normal contract.  Sorry guys!  But, when you've traveled around the world and been on a few mission trips with someone who essentially becomes your little brother, you do crazy things like that :-)

Michael was on the trip to South Africa that I mentioned in my previous post of his sister's bridal portraits.  So, I've known him for a while.  He was even "my intern" at Upward Sports a couple of summers ago.  So, because of all of this, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear he had proposed... and I was even more thrilled to meet the beautiful girl he had fallen in love with.

Love you guys.  Can't wait to see you at Holly's wedding in September!

Ashley and Michael's reception for their wedding in December will be at Luckett Lodge, which is where we headed for their engagement pictures.  It's unbelievably beautiful.
I so wanted to put the two of them in a boat and send them out in the midst of the lily pads. I would have been happy just seeing a big fat frog sitting on one of them.  But alas, neither of those things happened... not this time anyway!

Ashley, you're gorgeous.

After a quick outfit change we headed to another part of the property.

Michael did a pretty amazing job picking out the ring. Doncha think??

Fierce. Love it.

We were talking about how this would be a perfect spot for a dancing reception, in a month warmer than December, of course... so they humored me when I asked them to dance :-)

I mean, could y'all be more adorable?

And so sassy... y'all crack me up!

Shortly after this we made one last stop before going home.  When he proposed, Michael sent Ashley on a venture to spots that held significant memories for them during the course of their relationship and this is where she ended up and found Michael with a ring.  He was under the cross, which is the foundation of their relationship.

Mucho thanks to Jason Ryu (and Myrna too!) for being such an amazing assistant and for taking this picture of Myrna and me.

To see more pictures of Ashley and Michael, click here to see their slide show!
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