08 July 2010

little ones | Wyatt's 1 year old!

Has it really been a year?  How in the world has it gone by so quickly?  Last I remember, I was going to see Sarah and Cas and congratulate them on little Wyatt's arrival and next thing I know, we're venturing out to Furman for his one-year-old pictures!  It has been so fun to capture each stage of his little life so far and I'm so thankful to Sarah and Cas for their friendship and for trusting me with something as precious as this.

Love you guys! (and congrats on little boy #2 that's coming this fall!!)

When we did his 9 month pictures, he wasn't doing this walking thing on his own...

Love this face...

Cas, you are such a good daddy to your little man!

Sarah, you are beautiful... and it's obvious how much Wy adores you.

I love this next one too much to not put it up again...

Check back soon for the slideshow of his first year... can't wait!

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