02 April 2010

Engaged: Cody & Seth

They met in high school. They dated and then broke up. Then Cody's mom asked her why they weren't dating... they hung out, went for a hike, talked it over and well, the rest is history. They went hiking again this winter and when they came back, Cody had a ring on her finger! There may have been a squeal that came out of me when she showed me the ring at church just a couple days later. You know, if I had those kinds of reactions to things. Which I do. But you know you love it when I get all happy and can't keep my excitement inside! I'm not afraid of making a scene. Especially when it's something as fun and amazing and wonderful as this!

Thank you guys SO much for asking me to be a part of your day in July. I can't wait to shoot your wedding because I know it's going to be so sweet and such a statement to the Lord and what He's done. I hope you enjoy your engagement pictures!
Oh how I love laughter!
And oh how I love the light!
Now that's the look of a man in love with his future bride.
This is actually on the steps of our "new" church buliding downtown: Grace Church at Downtown Baptist. The light reflecting off the stone was incredible!
Cody you are gorgeous!
And Seth, you make me laugh! Only because I make you yawn at my boringness... don't worry, I'm ok with it!
Ok, so the light all over downtown that day was incredible.
I love everything about this picture.

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Christen said...

I love how organic these pictures look. I feel like you captured who they are in these images. Really great.

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