25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

"But the angel said to them, 'Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.'" Luke 2:10-11

May you experience the true gift this Christmas of knowing the love, grace, and peace of Jesus Christ.  Many blessings for a wonderful day of celebration with your family and friends!

My Christmas gift to all of you is another sneak peak from Morgan and Trey's wedding :-)

23 December 2010

Sneak Peak | Morgan and Trey are Married!

Can't wait to share more...

21 December 2010

Introducing Mrs. Trey Williams

I'm taking a risk by saying this, but she's family, so I have to... I remember when Morgan was born!  And now she's a married woman, on her honeymoon in Jamaica (hope y'all are having a BLAST!).  Morgan's dad is my first cousin because his dad and my dad are brothers.  Which just makes it funny because Morgan's grandparents are my aunt and uncle (it gets a little confusing at times).  Although, if you ask my Aunt Monie, she'll probably tell you that I was her first "grandchild" :-)

Enough of my family tree... that's not why you're here.  Morgan is about ten years younger than I am, so between that and her family living in Charleston most of her life, I didn't really know her very well.  Until that glorious day when I found out she was coming to the upstate to attend Clemson for college!  YAY!  We were going to have another Clemson Tiger in the family!  And not just that, but she was close enough that I could drive 45 minutes to have dinner with her and hang out and see how life was treating her... as well as hear about this boy that she had recently started dating.

Long story short, they were married this past Saturday in Charleston, SC at the Sumerall Chapel at The Citadel where Trey is a recent graduate.  I can't wait to show you images from their wedding day, but first, I want to share pictures from Morgan's bridal session in downtown Charleston.  We had quite the entourage that day with her mom, dad, sister, her aunt, and (my) Ben (yes, I just gave you a shout out on the blog!) walking around to carry equipment, the dress and bottles of water.  It was a fabulous day and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

Morgan, you are beautiful inside and out... Congratulations and I hope you're enjoying the beach in Jamaica!

There are so many things I love about Charleston... Meeting Street and the incredible alleys are just a couple of them.

Morgan, your smile is just stunning.

And girl, you've got that look down pat! I love it.


Oh that bouquet... SO gorgeous!

Not traditional, I know... but I love the newspaper boxes!

 Oh how I wanted to take that bike with us for this session!  But, since it was chained up, I resisted.

Dear Charleston, thank you for having such amazing iron gates.

Would you look at that light?  It makes Morgan look even more stunning than she already is!

That may be a "Lewis look" she's giving the camera, but it totally works for this image.

Of course her beautiful smile just makes her radiant!  We ended the session at Charleston Place on the grand staircase that was already decorated for Christmas! (never mind that it was before Thanksgiving...)

For more of Morgan's bridal session, click here!

17 December 2010

Newborn | Elliot Jacob

It was marked on my calendar... so when Sarah's due date rolled around on November 15, I sent her a text to see if Baby #2 was making any efforts to join us out here in the world.  I think I checked in with her one more time before November 18 when I got a text with a picture of Elliot Jacob (aka EJ).  YAY!  He was here!  And I was finally able to meet him last week and hold him and kiss him and love on him all I wanted to.

I'm not sure what it is with me and newborns recently, but they only want to sleep when I DON'T have the camera in my hand.  What is going on??  Crazy kids :-)  But, since my clients are some of the best in the world (you other photogs may argue that point, but I'm telling you, I got you beat!) AND have some of the most adorable kids in the world, we're bound to get some great pictures.  So, with no further adieu, meet EJ...!

Ok, I promise I didn't make him cry!  But it's still so darn cute...

See??  Totally fine.  I'm like the "baby whisperer" or something.

Two of my favorite things... little baby feet and Christmas lights.

"If you take one more picture of me, I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich, lady..."

"Oh, you think I'm cute? You say this is my good side? Well, maybe just a few more pictures..."

Big brother Wyatt was a little interested.  And then he wasn't.

This one of the two of them just makes me laugh!

Wyatt, didn't we just shoot your newborn pictures?  When did you start growing up?!?

Their family of three is now a family of four!

I was almost to my car when Cas came running out saying we forgot to take a few pictures. 
When I got back inside and into the nursery, this is what I found Sarah putting EJ into. 
So.  Precious.

I mean, he's just so so so sweet.

Enjoy some more of EJ's pictures in his slide show!

11 December 2010

Sneak Peak | EJ is here!

Can't wait to show you more of little EJ...

09 December 2010

Anytime Session with Amy

Amy is one of the most amazingly wonderful and spunky people I know.  I met her because she joined our Community Group at church right around a year ago.  Yes, she's a Clemson grad, like I am, but that's not the only reason I like her!  She's so full of life, she's driven, she's funny, and she draws people in without having to think about it.  It had been a while since she'd had some pictures taken and with Christmas coming up, what better gift for the parents and family than recent photos??  I've done it before, I've had other single friends do it... and the moms?  Yep, they love it.

In Amy's driven fashion, she decided earlier this year to start training for a body building competition.  Talk about self-discipline!  I went over to her house one day to drop something off and just the day before she had taken a trip to Sam's.  She showed me the 6+ dozen eggs in her fridge and proceeded to offer me the bowl of egg yolks (which she couldn't eat) from the first dozen eggs she had already eaten.  She was eating nothing but stuff that would help tone and define her muscles.  Read: NO SUGAR.  That's right, no sugar or dairy for like 13 weeks.  Which is why you will never find me in one of these competitions :-)  You can check out her journey on her blog... and the post from her first competition... where she WON!  Yep, she's that hard core.

She's in the off season right now, which is why/how she was able to bring both of us some Starbucks before our session.  Yummm.... I may not like coffee (tragic, I know) but I love me some hot chocolate with a shot (or three) of hazelnut!  Amy, you're a delight!  And not just because you bring me Starbucks!  I hope you enjoy your pictures and that your mom will love me you for it! :)

These two are probably my favorites.

The slant on that sidewalk makes me feel like I'm back in San Francisco!

How awesome that her smile is perfect and both she and Samson are looking at the camera??

I should have had her flex so you could really see those muscles she's worked so hard for!


Amy, this was so fun!  Enjoy your slideshow!

03 December 2010

Fabulous Friday and a Sneak Peak!

You know what makes this Friday so Fabulous?  Two reasons... 1) I met with an accountant friend today about my business and I'm SO excited about the things in store for Photographs by Sabrina.  I'm a nerd at heart so business and organizational things make me super happy.  2) Not only did I have an amazing meal cooked for me last night for dinner (think meat that you don't even have to cut because it's that tender) but lunch was cooked for me too!  There's a pretty amazing guy that likes to hang out with me and take care of me and he likes to cook.  And is good at it.  Bonus!

Here's a sneak peak of a session I did recently with my friend Amy.  Can't wait to show you more and tell you about her and her dog Samson!

01 December 2010

Evan is 4!

I know... it's been a long time since I've posted but hopefully now that Thanksgiving is over and I'm back home for a bit, that will change.  So get ready for some pictures!

I want to introduce you to Evan.  He's adorable.  He's all boy.  And he loves his cowboy boots.  And his parents wanted to capture this super fun time in his life.  So, he and his mom came up to church (where I'm working full-time right now and loving it!) during lunch one day for a quick session and it was actually perfect timing because the tree just outside the office was GORGEOUS.  The tree is completely bare now and it's only been a few weeks!

Evan, I hope when you get older and look back on these that you remember having fun, smiling a lot, enjoying your family, and wearing those awesome cowboy boots every where you went!

I mean, just look at that adorable smile!

I adore this one.

Didn't I tell you about that tree??

Oh how I love childhood innocence and pure joy.

All boy...

...that completely adores his mom!

Thank you guys for letting me capture this fun time in Evan's life!
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