01 July 2010

Life is like...

You know you finished that thought with "...a box of chocolates" and continued it with "You never know what you're gonna get" in your best Forrest Gump accent.  Now, whether you said it to yourself or out loud is completely between you and whomever is or isn't in the room :-)

But tonight, I'm going to compare life to a bowl of cherries.  Why?  Well, first, I have an awesome picture of a bowl of cherries that I recently bought and wanted to share it.  Aren't they pretty??

Second, life really can be like a bowl of cherries! Wait, wait... hear me out.
a) I love the color red.  Orange is my second favorite color (I love my Clemson Tigers!).  Red stands out, it's bold, it's eye catching and when I wear it I feel like I can do anything.  (Ok, so this doesn't really fit with my analogy, but that's ok, please keep reading.)
b) In a random bowl (which could represent a year of your life), you're going to get some awesome and amazingly delicious cherries (good days) that are perfect and make you crave more just like that one.  And some cherries are going to be a little mushy and cause you to spit them out into the trash and forget about them (bad days). 
c) Cherries have pits.  You can't eat them, you don't want to swallow them, and for this particular analogy, they aren't worth much and they just keep me from fully enjoying my fruit.  Such is the same with mosquitoes.  What do mosquitoes have to do with life being like a bowl of cherries?  Pretty much nothing, but they're annoying and especially irritating and mosquitoes like me a little too much.  I still look like I have a disease on my legs from being outside last Saturday.  Other than that, they don't really fit into this analogy at all.  But this is my blog so I can be a little random and out there if I like :-)

Ok, so item b above is really the only one that actually works, but you get my drift.  I could have used an example of pruning some overgrown bushes a few weeks ago and how God is the gardener and while we are constantly growing and sometimes getting out of control, God has to prune us and shape us into the people He wants us to be.  However, I forgot to take a before picture and ended up not taking an after picture and I wanted a photo on the blog today, so I went with the cherries.

Ok, you're turn to complete the sentence... Life is like...???

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