27 June 2010

ShowIt: 2010 Freedom Tour

If you've ever been over to my website and seen all the cool, nifty stuff it does, then you've experienced the awesomeness of ShowIt.  So, when I heard that they were doing the Freedom Tour 2010 and would be stopping in the A-T-L, I just HAD to go!  And I'm so glad I did...

I went a little early to ask some questions and hear Q&A with the ShowIt Support Studs.  Below is Andrew showing us some of the cool stuff ShowIt does.

Jim Davis-Hicks started Thirst Relief International and was so inspiring when he spoke later in the evening about how God inspired this outreach and how he's been able to incorporate it into his photography and get so many people involved!

We met for the evening at Ambient Plus Studio, which was AWE-some.

The amazing Molly Jenson sang throughout the evening and I'm happy to say that if you keep up with me, you'll be hearing her music soon!

David Jay was up and speaking in between everyone and it was such an honor to meet him and hear from him in person.  He has so many stories and a unique insight into this thing called photography that we all love.

The first speaker of the evening was Ron Dawson who is actually a videographer.  He gave us much food for thought in regards to adding video to our business.  Not so much as another thing we do (although that's quite possible with video in DSLRs these days) but in using video to introduce ourselves to clients and visitors to our websites!  I, for one, love getting to a website and getting to hear directly from the person I'm trying to learn about, so why not try it for ourselves?  Something to think about...

So, I mentioned Jim Davis-Hicks and Thirst Relief, but when he came up to speak, he was telling us about Action Runner and how it's letting him do what he loves (photography and Thirst Relief) and live life to the fullest - yes, at the same time!  So, if you're a photographer and reading this (thanks, btw!) you should check it out.  The fun news of the evening was that I won a free copy of Action Runner!  I'm so pumped and can't WAIT to start using it!

The last speaker of the evening was Promise Tangeman.  She rocked it out - in her style and what she talked about - in regards to defining our vibe in our business and using ShowIt to do it.  I mean, seriously, she's awesome.  And did I mention that the girl has style??  Love it.

Kevin, one of the ShowIt evangelists, was fantastic.  In just listening to him for like 10 minutes, I learned at least a dozen awesome things in regards to my site that I didn't even know I could do!

Thank you guys SO much for everything in Atlanta.  Safe travels for the rest of the tour in your sweet tour bus!


Jennifer King said...

that event was fun!! Your blog is awesome too!! The pics from the event turned out great. I havne't processed mine yet. I told my husband I *hearted* David Jay! Bahaaa!!!

Kevin Sturm said...

Your pics of the event are some of my favorite! Can't wait to get back to Atlanta. You all are some seriously great people!

Jim Davis Hicks said...


thank you for this awesome post!!!

Sabrina said...

Thanks... all of you! The 3 hour drive to see and meet all of you (and the other photogs!) was more than worth it. It's a week later and my brain is still processing ideas!

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