28 November 2011

Sneak Peek and Being Married

Wow... we're MARRIED!  November 5 was THE best day and we've loved all 23 days we've had together since then.  I was so excited when Ben proposed and knew that I was going to marry this amazing man, but being married to him is even more wonderful than I thought.  We're partners for life, partners in crime, and partners in laughter.  Yes, I made that last one up but oh my goodness... sometimes we just get to laughing and who wants to ever stop laughing???

With Thanksgiving the week after we returned home from our honeymoon, it's taken a little while to get up and running again.  So, I thank you for your patience and for checking the blog for updates!  There's a downtown engagement session as well as a fall family session from the month of October to post so keep your eyes peeled for those... as well as honeymoon and wedding pictures!  I keep going back to look at the pictures from 11/05/11 and keep falling in love with them.  SO much fun.  And I can't wait to share more of Jana and Kim's talent!

So, in the meantime, here's a sneak peak from a quick family session I had with the Mozingos the Sunday before the wedding.  Love these guys.  More to come soon!

06 November 2011

Best Wedding Ever

We've been to lots of wonderful and really fun weddings - as guests and as photographers and videographers - but Ben and I both agree that our wedding yesterday was the best one... ever.  Thanks to everyone's support before, during, and after this day.  We love all of you so much and we look forward to talking more about it and telling you about our honeymoon when we get back.

Until then, enjoy these pictures from yesterday... from our perspective!

03 November 2011

The Sargents

I can't believe that in just a few days I'll be married!!  I'm so excited and so ready to be Mrs. Fields!!  But, there are still pictures to be shared... and I think you'll like this family.  We met at the Rock Quarry after work one day and raced against the setting sun.  Their girls are adorable, mom was great,  and dad, was the goofy one to bring out some smiles!

Thank you guys for letting me capture your family and the really fun surprise at the end of the session (see pictures below)!

I just adore this picture of these three sisters!

There's something about a family squeezing into a group hug that just makes me smile.

See... I'm hilarious!  ...at least that's what I told them to pretend :-)

Y'all are just adorable.  Thanks for being so much fun!

Pictures of mom and dad are a must.

Please note how everyone is wicked awesome at the "GQ look".
And how Brynn is looking straight at me. Love it.

Rylie, Ellis, and Brynn... y'all are amazing models!

Y'all are just adorable!

Ok, so here's the story.  As we were emailing back and forth about the pictures and times and locations, Kristy told me that they would be leaving for Disney World the next morning... but that the girls didn't know yet!  So, she had borrowed Micky Mouse hats from a friend to let the girls wear for pictures and then they'd tell them what was going on.

So, to not make it quite so obvious, we played it as though I was the one who brought the hats and wanted to take some fun pictures with the hats on.  So, the next several pictures are of their parents telling them that they would be leaving for Disney the very next morning...


Getting into shock...

A little more disbelief from Rylie...

Then it finally started to set in...

Yep... they were excited!

I hope you guys had a wonderful time!!

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