23 September 2008

Grace Church Downtown

Sunday was the first official day of Grace Downtown. There were about 163 people and it was a wonderful time of worship! We're meeting at The Handlebar on Sunday mornings at 10am. Come check it out!!

18 September 2008


Eight years ago I worked at Delta for three semesters in college when I was studying Mechanical Engineering. Well, one of the perks of working for an airline is free flights... So, I blame Delta for giving me the "travel bug". I love getting on a plane and flying to a place that I've never seen as well as to places that I've been many times before. Well, you add that to my love of photography and you have a match made in photographer's heaven! This is only a sampling of my travel photos since many of my pictures were taken pre-digital age.

Paris, Oct '07

Odessa, Ukraine July '07

The Louvre, March '08

France, March '08

Germany, April '04

Northern Ireland, June '08

Grand Cayman, Feb '07

Johannesburg, South Africa, July '05

Up and Running

Well, it's been suggested and mentioned and thought about so now it's finally here... a website just for my photography. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this venture takes me!

I'm a Greenville, SC based wedding and portrait destination photographer who loves to be behind the lens. I look forward to hearing what you think about the posts and images as I work with amazing people to capture life and give them images they love.
Check out the website! http://photographsbysabrina.com