06 October 2009

New Lens

So, I wrote on my other blog about my adventure to France with National Geographic, so go there to read the full story. The short of it is that I leave tomorrow! And my new lens came in yesterday. And I love love love it already!!

It's a 35mm/1.8 and it's fabulous. And no, I'm not exagerating. Do you see the picture above?? I'm in love, I tell you! So, I hope that our relationship only gets better during our 10 days in France together :) We'll see what the two of us can come up with. I may not be able to post pictures while I'm there but I'll do my best to post as soon as I can after I return.

Until then, bon voyage!!

05 October 2009

weddings: Tyler & Rebekah

So, it seems as though I haven't been able to catch up from being way behind! And now, I'm about to travel to France where I'll be taking a gazillion more pictures. So... we'll see how the next few weeks turn out. Until then, I've finally been able to go through Tyler and Rebekah's wedding pictures. The fun part about being a second shooter is that I get to focus on other details and stretch myself a little more as a photographer... something I don't feel safe doing when I'm the primary! So... enjoy!

I was riding with the guys to the ceremony and we made a pit stop to get the bride a drink and crackers. It seemed the prime opportunity for a group picture...
Is she not just 1940s fabulous?? Love it.

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