28 July 2010

I Need Your Opinion...

So, I have this goal... I guess you could say it's on my bucket list... I want to visit each continent sometime during my life.  I've always said though that Antarctica wasn't really in that mix because while I'm not a fan of this 100 degree weather we've been having, I much prefer it to -100 degree weather.  Hands down!

As of right now, not including Antarctica, I have two continents left to visit: Australia and Asia (and it just hit me that I have the "A" continents left... how funny!).  But, when I found out about this contest through National Geographic and realized the prize was a two week photography expedition to Antarctica, my mind changed a little about the super-freezing-cold-southern-most-part of our planet.

But I need your help deciding which picture to enter!  It has to be a photo I took on a previous National Geographic Photography Expedition, hence the photos from Provence last fall.  So, let me know which one you think would help me win a trip to Antarctica!

Baguette Ancienne

Abby Arch

Leaning Towards Autumn

Trumpet Player

Dancing With the Bulls

Olives to Order

Cheese Tasting

Backdoor Chef


CristinMic said...

That was a super hard decision. They are all so good!

Joey said...

You say that you have the "A" continents left -- as you name Antarctica, Australia, and Asia. How about Africa? That starts with an "A" you know. Or maybe not at Clemp-zon.

Jenn said...

I can't seem to make up my mind! They are so good!!

Carmen said...

Wow...that was a very hard choice. I would definitely say the trees or olives...but i like the bread one too!!
Good luck!

Arie, Dewa and Divya said...

I'm going to have to mull over this decision some more before I vote. It's really tough! Amazing pics, Sabrina. Girl, you are so talented!!

Jennifer said...

I love the olives but I voted for the arch! They are all so lovely Sabrina, good luck to you!

Katelyn James said...

LOVE the Abbey arch girl:)

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