27 July 2010

maternity | kelly & baby harper

If only I could express how much joy is inside of me as I post these pictures.  If only I could convey how thankful I am that this day is here!  If only I could express in words how much I love my friend in these photos and how much I already love the beautiful little girl, Harper, that's growing in her belly.

My sweet friend, Kelly, called me not long ago saying she would be coming back south for a weekend visit and asked if we could do maternity pictures.  I mean, the only way I would say no is if I were in a galaxy far far away and warp speed hadn't been invented yet.  In other words, I said YES!

Kelly was one of the girls in another freshman Bible study during our freshman year of college.  I knew her because we all sort of knew each other, but it wasn't until the next year that I got to know her, especially after we spent the summer after our sophomore year in Atlanta doing our own internships.  It was also that summer that this guy named John was working with a ministry to try and start a church that focused on Georgia Tech students.  Kelly knew John better than I did so she and I would go to the Bible studies and we slowly got to know our little summer group.  As we all hung out, studied scripture, went to the laser show at Stone Mountain and went sky diving, John and Kelly were getting to know each other better.  And then one day, it happened.  He asked her out... and much girly screaming ensued :)

And here we are, ten years later, about to celebrate the birth of their amazing baby girl!  Harper isn't due until October (the best birthday month of all) but she's big enough now that we were able to get some adorable first pictures of her and her mommy.

Kelly, I love you so much and I can NOT wait to meet Harper and watch you and John become amazing parents.  Muah!

This, dear internet, is some beautiful backlighting for a beautiful woman.

Kelly, you are gorgeous.

By the way... I still love your bling.


Juli said...

LOVE the picture with the chair and the one by the window - beautiful!

kelly said...

Sabrina! You are the best and the pictures are absolutely beautiful! John and I will treasure these for years to come. Thank you for being such an amazing friend! I am so blessed to have you in my life!
Love you!!

Chris and Emily said...

LOVE!!! The pictures, the subject(s):), and the photographer!!

Arie, Dewa & Divya said...

Sabrina, these are so gorgeous!! But of course, with Kelly and that beautiful baby bump, it would be hard to go wrong!

Rebecca said...

FANTASTIC job Sabrine! Kelly- you are absolutely Radiant! soo excited for you and John!

Will, Diana, and Wyatt Thompson said...

BEAUTIFUL! If it is even possible for you to make a gorgeous woman even MORE gorgeous through photography... YOU DID IT! :)

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