18 February 2011

Fabulous Friday | Spring In February

It's the middle of February.  And I'm wearing a skirt and flip flops as I get ready to head downtown to sit outside and read a book.  Call it global warming, call it the "end of the world is coming", call it what you like... but I'm calling it Fabulous.

It's been a crazy few weeks, which means I've let blogging go by the wayside, which I really don't like.  The good news is that I HAVE been behind my camera, but I've been photographing the renovations of my church's downtown campus.  You see, it's this gorgeous 150+ year old building and it needed some updating and improvements (as all 150 year old things do).  And hopefully I'll get to share some of those in the next few weeks. 

Until then, I'm going to enjoy this incredible weather and a good book... what are you doing to get outside this weekend??

08 February 2011

Where is your hope?

This past weekend I went out of town for the annual Student Leaders' Retreat.  The student ministry staff at church organize a retreat weekend for those of us who volunteer with our 5th through 12th grade students and it's always such an incredible weekend.  They intend for it to be a time that we can get out of town, be refreshed, be challenged by some teaching, and be encouraged by one another. 

Friday night was no exception to any of those things... especially the "be challenged" part.  One of the questions from our breakout session that evening was "If God said He was taking _______ away, what would that be? and How would I feel and react to that?"  Wow, what a way to start the weekend!

There have definitely been times in my life when things have been stripped away and I've had to reevaluate where my priorities were.  Most of the time when I hear questions like this, I want my true and honest answer to be, "My world would fall apart if I didn't have Christ."  And while a portion of that is definitely true, there usually is something else out there that I've put before him.  As I talked with a lady who has been somewhat of a mentor of mine, I was able to explain that for so long I searched for what it was I could be good at and really love doing.  Growing up, I was good at many things, but not great at one thing.  The truth is though, that those "things" aren't what define us.  And if I was being honest with myself right now, I would be crushed if I wasn't able to take pictures and capture life as it was happening... for me or for others!

As we worshiped together on Saturday night, God reminded me that regardless of what turns life may take, that He will never leave me or forsake me.  He loves me far more than I could ever imagine and when we face trials (when, not if), He'll be right there to hold on to.  So, I'm choosing to keep my hope in Him :-)

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