30 March 2012

My Husband The Photographer

When I started this business way back in 2008ish I began following various photographers and I loved that some were husband and wife teams.  I mean, how amazing would it be to do what you loved with the person you loved??  Two years later, when Ben and I met, I remember being at a Clemson game while he was at a car show with the two guys that were to be his best men in our wedding.  He would send me pictures of cars and what they were up to and I just kept thinking, "Most people don't take pictures like that... we need to get a camera in your hand!"

His background is videography so he has an eye for it... he just didn't know how to use a DSLR.  But that would come :-)  Last summer Ben shot Abigail and Brent's wedding with me and this year, he'll be second shooting all of our weddings with me!  I'm so excited!  Not only will our brides and grooms receive more images with two of us shooting, but as Katelyn James has said, it's like having insurance on your wedding day with two of us there.

We're up in Indiana for Stephanie and Joe's wedding and since we had an extra day in Indianapolis yesterday, we ventured into town to get some updated head shots.  I am extremely biased towards my husband, but I think you'll agree that he's pretty amazing behind a DSLR :-)  Ben, thank you for being so amazing and for wanting to pursue this dream with me.  I love you!

We started out in downtown Indy, literally, the center of town. The light was perfect!

It was midday, but with the monument blocking the sun and the concrete to reflect the light,
what Ben was seeing through his lens worked fabulously.

What I was seeing is on the left, the image Ben took of me is on the right.

Yes, I love orange (Clemson alum, woohoo!), but orange and brown is in my branding,
so this dress that I bought for a wedding shower last fall was perrrrrrfect for new headshots!

Images from Monument Circle.

We then wandered to find a good alley to change things up a bit.

I'm not saying I love pictures of me, but Ben... this image is wonderful!
The composition... the light... everything :-)

We then wandered out to the Indiana Museum of Art where they have 100 acres of gardens!

Ben's turn.

Goodness... is he not SO handsome?!?!?

28 March 2012

Cousins and March Birthdays

Andrea turned six (still can't believe it!) on 3/13 and David will turn four on 3/31.  And Jill, their mom, has a birthday on 11/3.  Their dad's birthday is in July and doesn't have a 1 or a 3 in it...

I just love these kids to pieces and when Jill asked about getting their yearly pictures, of course I said yes! We met the day after Andrea's birthday, but a couple of days before her Repunzel party.  Andrea and David... I hope you guys have a wonderful birthday month!!

Their cousin Emily came too because she's now 9 months old and standing up!  I thought time went fast when we were in college... but now that these kids are a part of our lives, I think time has somehow sped up.

Last time we took some pictures, David was not a fan of smiling at the camera.
Maybe he just needed warmer weather to make him smile :-)  I can't blame him!

Andrea is definitely the silly one.

Emily... you get me with your blue eyes every time!

She's a pro at crawling...

...and I'm sure she'll soon be a pro at standing and walking!

The light was amazingly warm and made the spring colors (and Emily's eyes) POP like crazy!

27 March 2012

Sneak Peak | It's Spring!

We had been taking pictures for a while but then she looked up at me like, "I didn't know you were here!"

More coming soon!

23 March 2012

Our Wedding | Getting Ready & First Look

Today is the last day that I'll be able to say, "Our wedding was the last one I went to!"  Wedding season officially starts today as I'm helping one of our own wedding photographers shoot a wedding this evening.  I'm so excited!  The next two weekends are weddings for friends and I'm beyond excited.

So, in honor of wedding season beginning, I wanted to share some of our wedding photos.  So many people have been incredibly patient as the last four months have been crazy busy.  There are so many amazing images!  So, I think sharing them in small doses is going to be my best method :-)

Jana Candler came to my house the morning of the wedding as I was getting ready with my maid and matron of honor and my mom.  Kim DeLoach went to the church to photograph Ben and the guys getting ready.  The coolest part about seeing all of these images together is seeing what Ben was doing as I was getting ready!

The most handsome groom ever...!

And then, before I knew it, it was time for our First Look.  I've talked about this before, but I can not say enough about how wonderful a First Look is.  We scheduled it in and scheduled all pictures to be taken before the ceremony.  When I got to the spot where I was meeting Ben, I was shaking from excitement (plus, it was FREEzing).  I walked over to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and he turned around to see me for the first time.  We were able to hug and kiss and talk, just the two of us (and a small entourage instead of 250 guests).  And the number of portraits we were able to get... WOW!  I'm only sharing ones in this post from the actual first look, but I would bet that since we had 45 minutes of "just us" time, we have at least 6 pages or so worth of album pictures!!  I love it.

And I know what some of you are thinking... but walking down the aisle was still just as special.  I wasn't just tearing up from the moment... tears were POURING from my eyes as I walked down the aisle.  And Ben was at the end of the aisle watching me and trying to hold himself together.  The pictures of him watching me walk towards him are so precious and so genuine.  The look on his face is one of the sweetest memories I'll ever have.

I was a little excited when we left the house :-)

It's also pretty great to have two photographers for the different perspectives.

I'm tearing up just looking at these again.

I love these...

This is one of my favorites!
Like I said, it was FREEzing so he was trying to warm up my hand :-)

There are so many more images to share... thank you again for bearing with me as we find moments here and there to post these!

Happy Friday!

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