28 June 2011


It's been a long time coming but I'm taking a break... from life, from taking pictures (with a "real camera" anyway...), from chores, and other responsibilities.  I hope you're enjoying your week as much as I'm enjoying mine!

24 June 2011

Married! | Abigail & Brent

Their story had been moving and growing since they met one weekend at a high school football game.  That following spring, they spent so much time together as friends that in the midst of it, Brent fell for Abigail.  Once she went off to college and started meeting other guys, she finally realized just how wonderful and intentional Brent was with his friendship and his pursuit of her.

Their story officially joined together a couple of weeks ago on June 11 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill, SC.  It was a beautiful day full of deep blue skies that complimented the navy blue dresses and gorgeous hydrangeas the girls carried.  Abigail's eyes were literally shining with excitement and Brent was stoic and ready to see his bride.

Thank you both so much for being such amazing examples of God's love and faithfulness.  The road is always going to have bumps, but you've shown and reminded me of how faithful we are called to be.  Many blessings to you both as you've begun your life as one!  Thank you for letting us share in and be a part of your day.

I loved Abigail's jewelry!  It's intricacy went so well with her dress!

Everyone was able to get ready at the same time in the parlor of the church.

One of my personal favorite parts of this wedding was that Ben shot with me for the first time.
So, while I was with the girls, he was able to hang out with the guys while they were getting ready!

I just love these of Brent getting ready.

After the girls were ready, we headed over to the beautiful Glencairn Gardens to get pictures of everyone before the ceremony.

Abigail, I said it a hundred times the day of your wedding, and I meant it every single time.  
You are gorgeous.

And girl... my camera just loves you!

Just. Stunning.

The flowers were done by some friends of Brent and Abigail's and they were beautifully perfect.

After the girls left and the coast was clear, the guys made their way to the park for their pictures.

 Brent, you have a gorgeous bride, but you were pretty handsome in your suit too!

 And then it was time... Abigail's mom gave her away and Ben caught this shot of them with Abigail's train as they walked down the aisle.

 I love love love Abigail's expression on the left and her pure joy on the right.

There's nothing like the moment when a groom sees his bride for the first time...

Do you see that look on Brent's face?  He looked at her like that all day.

 During one of the last prayers, I got the image on the left from the balcony, and Ben caught the image on the right
of the two of them sneaking a peak at each other.  I love it!

Abigail and Brent... your joy FILLED the room!


I just don't think you two could be any more adorable together...

The one on the right is possibly one of my favorites from the entire day.

They were troopers to hang with us outside for pictures, but I also know they were ready to get inside to the air conditioning,
their friends and family, and to their first dance as husband and wife.

Her mom gave them a beautiful toast...

It also brought some laughs! 

Showing off the new ring to her Clemson girls!

Congratulations again, you two!

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