26 June 2009

Engaged: Travis & Megan

I have known Megan for close to 12 years now. Our college group of friends is something that is SO special. Most of us were in the same freshman girls bible study. We've been going to Clemson football games together for going on 12 years, we've lived together, we've vacationed together, we've watched the girls in our tight group get married and some have had babies... and now it's Megan's turn. To get married. Not to have babies. Yet. That will come later!

She and Travis met through their teaching careers. She's English and he's art. And they fit together as well as those two subjects, which is awesome. When they got engaged and Travis met our entire group of close knit friends (and husbands) almost all at once, you couldn't help but feel sorry for him! Because all of us girls are the ones that keep this group together, there is always lots of talking and much going on. It's hard for anyone to keep up... much less a new fiance!! But we all love him and are so excited for his and Megan's wedding in October.

Sadly I'll have to miss it because I'll be in France (it's SO bittersweet!!) but I was lucky enough to be able to shoot their engagement session. I know I will see you guys a lot but while I have the public's attention, I want to wish you all the best! Know that I'll be thinking about you and praying for you on your wedding day. I'll be on the other side of the ocean but God hears us wherever we are. Love you guys!

25 June 2009

And the winner is....

First of all, I want to say thanks to EVERYONE for making this contest happen. It was so fun over the past week to see all of the support that each "contestant" had as the votes (aka comments) came flooding in. It wouldn't have happened without each of you voting each day.

Second of all, the winner... is little Kade in My Cute Little Fire Cracker! I'm looking forward to photographing him, his twin brother and their family!

Keep your eyes peeled to the blog as I have some things from the past few weeks that I'm excited to share!!

18 June 2009

Let the VOTING begin!!

Below you will see 5 posts that begin with the word CONTEST. These are the 5 pictures that you can vote on. In order for your vote to count, you must follow the following "rules"...
  • Leave a comment on the picture you would like to vote for
  • Only marking the picture as Awesome or Fun (in the check boxes below the photo) will not count!
  • Do not mark any of these pictures as Boring. They are far from that!!
  • Please only vote once per day. You're on the honor system here as I have no true way of telling whether an Anonymous vote is a second vote from you or not.

Voting will end at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on June 24. I'll be able to tell since I receive an email each time a comment is made.

BONUS: If you post on your blog that voting is going on here and link to this blog, an extra vote will be added to the picture you vote for. But I'll only know if you tell me! So be sure to leave that in your comment along with your blog address.

Happy voting!!

CONTEST: Wail to the Chief

Tess and Avery with Ma Bell

CONTEST: Lady Liberty

Jan on the Wall of China during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

CONTEST: My Cute Little Fire Cracker

3 year old Kade with his sparkler on the 4th of July in 2008

CONTEST: Coon Dog Day 2008

Leroy, Ryan and Sarah's "first child" is dressed and ready for Coon Dog Day in 2008

CONTEST: We Love Our Bubba

Hannah Grace and Faith love their brother Samuel!

16 June 2009


You have two more days to enter the Red, White and Blue contest! Some people have asked me about it and because I'm nice (ok, I have a really hard time saying no) I told them I would extend the time for submissions. So, if you or anyone you know was thinking about entering but looked at the calendar this morning and realized they were too late... then it's your lucky day!!

New deadline: midnight on Thursday, June 18.

10 June 2009

Sam + Brent

I first met Sam and her mom only a few weeks before the wedding but I was immediately captured by her laugh! See, I work with her sister and they laugh just the same! And I love it. Laughter is one of my favorite things and someone who laughs with everything in them because it's 100% genuine... well, I'm a fan of theirs. So, I was immediately a fan of Sam!

Sam and Brent's wedding may have been small, but there was so much LOVE in that room. You could tell that the people who came to see these two truly love them and these two truly love each other. Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your day! Many blessings, Sam and Brent, as you begin your life together!!

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