31 May 2010

Second Shooting (and a confession) | Part Deux

Like I said in the previous post, I really enjoy second shooting!  And I was thrilled when Allison of Allison Elizabeth Photography & Design called to see if I could help her with a wedding the week after I helped Jana.  She apologized for the short notice but I was free and said I would love to!

Allison is so adorable and sweet and super talented.  It was a lot of fun shooting with her and her fiance at the gorgeous vinyard before Eryn & Lancen's wedding and reception as well as at Clear Spring Baptist Church for their ceremony.

Again, I really enjoyed getting to see another photographer at work, especially getting to watch her interact with people. I can't believe I'm admitting this for all the internet to see... but... I'm a bit of an introvert.  There, I said it.  I adore people and getting to know them, but sometimes I just flat out don't know what to say.  Maybe I'm the only person in the world with this "problem" but the truth is that I want to talk!!  I want to ask questions and get to know you and become your best friend!  I want to tell you all the crazy and funny things that happened to me over the past week.  Sadly the latter won't happen because my life is boring, so forgive me in advance if I make up a story or two just to get a laugh :)  Kidding!  Sort of...

Anyway, enjoy some pictures from the wedding.  I've got a fabulous bridal session to post as well as an engagement session, both from my weekend in Mississippi, so check back soon!

This next one just makes me think we were in Italy or somewhere for a few hours...

Isn't the setting just perfect? And the clouds...! 

I love this one of the girls.
Just hanging out.  Looking fabulous.

The father/daughter dance gets me, every time. Especially after they played the recording of her dad telling Eryn he loved her and charging Lancen with the task of loving and taking care of his bride!

This was a southern wedding, so of course shrimp & grits were at the reception!
They ran out to sparklers...
And ended the night with fireworks.
Thanks again, Allison, for letting me tag along and help!

27 May 2010

Second Shooting | Part Uno

Some days I think photography is one of those things that I just happened to fall into.  One day I'm shooting some pictures with my Nikon N50 and getting the film developed and the next day I'm capturing the beginning of someone's life with their new best friend on their wedding day.  However it was that God brought me here, to this point, I'm thankful.  Because I love it.  My life has been so full of bumps and mountain tops and valleys and everything in between, but I'm thankful for all of it.

What I love most though, other than getting to bring smiles to people's faces when they see their pictures, are the chances I've had to meet people along the way.  I may have met some of them regardless of whether a camera was between us or not, but more than likely not!  So, if a camera and a few lenses are what brings us together, I'm all for it.

Jana Candler (http://www.janacandler.net/blog/) is one of these people.  I'd heard of her through friends and co-workers and by getting into the photography world in Greenville but I was looking forward to meeting her in person when I found out we'd be at a workshop together a few weeks ago.  While at the workshop, she asked if I was free that Saturday to help her shoot a wedding.  Sure!  I'd love to!  Second shooting is such a fun part of this industry because it's a chance to see how other photographers work, get some more creative ideas, maybe share some of my own, help someone out by getting more pictures and most of all, getting to meet more people!

So, thanks Jana for asking for my help.  I'm thankful that you gave me a chance and let me tag along!

Here are some images from my camera the day of the wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Enjoy!

22 May 2010

Baby Ellie

There is nothing as sweet as a brand new baby.  I love talking to new moms and hearing the awe in their voice.  I love seeing the siblings interact with "their" new baby, how they love on them, kiss their cheek or pat them on the head as mom or dad are at a cautious distance ready to say, "be careful" or "not so rough"!

Ellie was born on Mother's Day this year and I don't think her mom could have asked for a better gift.  While she had been sleeping most of the week and Katie had warned me that she probably wouldn't be awake for most of the pictures, the first picture is actually the only one where she was sleeping!  She let us see and photograph her beautiful eyes, although at only five days old, I don't know that she saw much more than a blur of a lady with a camera in front of her :)

Enjoy the sweetness of the pictures and the slideshow!

See more in her slideshow here...

19 May 2010

How Old Am I?

This afternoon when I realized I'd been sitting at my desk most of the day, I decided to get up. And walk outside. It was a gorgeous day with big white puffy clouds in the sky and aside from getting fresh air and getting my eyes off the computer screen, I wanted some good ole Vitamin D!

And then I saw it... the playground. I've seen it dozens of times over the past 5+ years and have played out there with kids and pushed them on the swings and everything. But being the middle of the week, the playground was empty and I just smiled because I decided to get on the swing.

As I pumped my legs, just like my mamma taught me, and got higher and higher, I honestly felt like I was about 5 years old again! It was THE perfect break in the day.  So, if you drive by and see this so-not-five-year-old on the swings, there are three others out there so feel free to come join me :)

17 May 2010

Project: (finally) Paint Living Room

In just over a month, I will have been a homeowner for a year.  Yowzers!  And if you've been over at all during the past year, you've seen the two blue spots on the walls of my living room.  Well, they are there no longer.  A beautiful "Interesting Aqua" now covers those spots along with the rest of the walls.  And if it hadn't been for the help of a few dear (gracious, wonderful, patient, loving...) friends this past weekend and tonight, the walls would still be white with two blue spots!

Next project... hang pictures on the walls :-)

The chair was the inspiration for the room color:

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