29 April 2011

Fabulous Friday | ClemsoNieces & ClemsoNephews

I've mentioned it before, but my Clemson girls mean the world to me.  We've been together since our freshman year at Clemson University and with many of them having children, I've become an "aunt" several times over.  So, as you can imagine, watching these kids grow up is as much fun as if they were my own flesh and blood!  Which also brings that sense of "oh my goodness, they're getting so big!"  Andrea, who is the oldest of the bunch just turned 5 (five!!) this past March and her brother, David, just turned 3.  So, we all got together to capture them playing and riding bikes and having fun together.

Jill, thanks for trusting me with capturing your kiddos on "film".  And thanks for letting me be a part of your lives!  Love you guys :-)

Since the day he was born, David has been all boy... hence the dinosaur on his shirt and his train!

I really don't think my brother and I loved each other as much as these two do. They are so sweet!

Andrea, you are so pretty.

Don't let her fool you... she is quite the goofball too!

We headed over to the Travelers Rest end of the Swamp Rabbit Trail so they could have some fun on their bikes.

It took David a while to want to even look at the camera, but I'm so glad he did!

Oh I love the light!!

Don't worry Andrea and David... you'll be seeing me behind my camera for many many many years to come!  Love you both so much!

28 April 2011

Life in Motion | The Martins

Jennifer was a roommate of mine about five years ago (has it really been that long??), but we've stayed in contact thanks to a little site you may have heard of called Facebook.  And thanks to Facebook, even though we haven't seen each other in a long time, I've been able to hear about her husband, see pictures from their wedding, and watch as their little boy, Jackson, has grown over the past six months.

But, it was time we saw each other again... and I was so excited when we started emailing about meeting up and taking some pictures of her gorgeous family!  We met in the town of Suwanee, Ga one Friday morning in the most quaint old downtowns.  It was SO windy on my way down there and it was pouring rain when I left Greenville.  But, after literally praying the ENTIRE way down there, the clouds moved away and the wind calmed enough for us to get quite a few shots.

Jennifer, Matt, and Jackson, it was so much fun seeing you and getting to meet you in person!  Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you for the morning.  I hope you enjoy your pictures!

There was an adorable little shop/house that had a front porch which provided
not only a blocker from the wind but some shade and some incredible light!

Yes, Jackson's eyes really are that blue!

Ok, this next set may all look really similar, but Jackson would not stop smiling and being so cute. 

And I could not stop taking pictures of him while he was being adorable!

Do you see what I mean?

Be. still. my. heart.  Jackson may have a modeling contract in his future...

After playing as much as we could in front of the old downtown area, we went to a nearby park to finish out the session.  
And believe it or not, Jackson was STILL all smiles! 

I just adore this.  Jennifer, you are such an incredible mom.


Kids laughing while being tossed in the air is one of my favorite things.  Maybe ever.

Thank you guys so much for such a fun morning!

21 April 2011

Sneak Peak! | The Martins

Can't WAIT to show you more of these next week... :-)

15 April 2011

Married! | Elizabeth and Louis

It was supposed to rain that day, on their wedding day.  But after doing a rain dance while out on my morning run (and after many many many prayers), the only rain that fell from the sky were a few drops after the ceremony was over.  But it could have poured and it wouldn't have mattered... because Elizabeth and Louis were getting married!

He had eyes for no one but her.  And her love for him was as warm as the spring day outside.  As her brother walked her down the aisle to give her away, she was overwhelmed with emotion by the family and friends that came from all over the country to celebrate with them as they came together as one.

Elizabeth and Louis... it has been a joy to get to know you and be a part of your journey.  Thank you for giving me the honor to capture your wedding day.  Many blessings!

Grace Church Downtown now meets at the gorgeous and historic Downtown Baptist building.

I love Elizabeth's laugh.

This was her first peek at herself in her wedding dress on her wedding day.  So beautiful!

Elizabeth, your eyes just sparkle with the joy you have.

These ladies were so much fun!

Liz and Louis opted to see each other before the ceremony...
which allowed for some pictures we otherwise wouldn't have had time for.

You two are so fit for each other!

The guys were totally willing to do a few crazy things.

 Gorgeous dress. Gorgeous church. Gorgeous bride.

Liz listening to her sister play before the ceremony.

I love when guests opt to watch the groom for his reaction at seeing his bride come down the aisle!

 As she rounded the back of the pews, Elizabeth became overwhelmed with all the people who had come to celebrate with them.
It was at this point, when I noticed she was getting choked up, that I started crying.
Yes, tears falling down my cheeks!  It was such an emotionally full moment that it still overwhelms me :-)

Even though they saw each other beforehand, Louis still got a little choked up too.

They had just officially become husband and wife...


LOVE this one.

People driving by were honking their congrats to the couple!

There was time in between the ceremony and reception so that her brother, who had walked her down the aisle, could go to the reception to prepare the food...
he not only gave her away but he was the caterer!

 Both of these families are SO talented.  Louis, his brothers, and his daughters sang in the wedding (pictures are in the slideshow).  Liz's brother catered the reception.  And Liz's sister, who was the matron of honor and played her flute before the wedding, also made the wedding cake!

As I mentioned in their engagement post, Liz and Louis met while line dancing.
So, it was only fitting that they have line dancing at their reception which was at Scuffletown!

They were explaining that they were about to receive some line dancing lessons and that
Elizabeth was going to change so that she could really dance!

Even when "arguing" they're adorable.

Mary... the cake. was. amazingly. delicious!

Here's to many more dances as you walk through the rest of your lives together. 

See more of their wedding day in their slideshow here!
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