24 September 2010

Holly & Hamilton Beach Wedding | Part 1

Wow, what a weekend.  As I mentioned in last Friday's Fabulous Friday post, I've known Myrna and her family for five years now (wow, where has the time gone??).  So, instead of just being the wedding photographer, I was there as a friend, helper, honorary family member and was even inducted as a "Wedding Idiot" (more on that later).  So, post #1 includes the getting ready portion of the weekend and the Rehearsal Dinner.

Holly and Hamilton actually met a while ago when she was working at a restaurant in Jackson, MS.  He would come in and sit at the bar just so he could talk to her.  Rumor has it he even left her a $100 tip once.  :)  As their lives took them in different directions, God finally brought them back together... just when the time was right.  The more time they spent together, the more they fell for each other and the more Holly's family saw how right they were together.

Holly and Hamilton, thank you SO much for letting me be not only a part of your weekend and your wedding, but a part of your lives.  I love getting to see how God has worked and how He continues to work in each of you.  I hope you are having a blast on the cruise and that you enjoy these pictures when you get back!

Lots of work was done in the condo, but don't worry, beach and pool time were scheduled in.

 Marriage is a lot of work, but these two make it seem easy (has a lot to do with those Key Dates! ha!).

Oh goodness, it's always an adventure with these two...!

Brit was working hard and Mike was, well... probably checking on football scores :)

Brittany has a built-in work station until mid-December when her second baby girl is due!

Myrna and Sue were getting a head start on the delicious food.

Lana is incredibly talented and creative.  Some of these are just a sneak
peak of what all she did in terms of decorations for the wedding!

Hamilton's family arrived super late Thursday night so they waited to come by Friday morning.

Ok, WI = Wedding Idiot, but not because they are idiots!  You know how when you get on a mission and there's so much going on and you have a choice of either going crazy or laughing your head off or ending up with a combination of the two?  That's a Wedding Idiot :)  Wi #1 is Lana's sister Penny who sent her stuff and some of her talent in Lana so we could get everything done!  I became a Wi on this trip but instead of being #5, I have my own category, Wip-1... Wedding Idiot Photographer.  Sadly we didn't get my shirt until after this pictures and never thought to get a picture with all of us!

When we went to the beach for the rehearsal, I asked Brit to pose so I could figure out the lighting.  The clouds were incredible and she was wearing an adorable maternity dress so I took a few maternity pictures for her.  How gorgeous is she??

Daniel is Holly's cousin and is a super talented musician who played for the ceremony.  
His adorable fiancee Holly came for the weekend too.  Aren't they so cute?

The lighting + a guitar + a couple in love = fabulous pictures.

I love them.  And I love how much they love each other!

The same weekend I shot Holly's bridal portraits, I was able to do 
Ashley and Michael's engagement pictures - so, they were already pros at the posing thing :)

Oh Michael... thanks for making us all laugh!

Holly's granddad talking at the rehearsal dinner.

Hamilton's daughter is so precious... and so much fun!  And I just adore this picture.

Brittany and Holly have been best friends forever.  And they were wearing Clemson colors - 
what's not to like about either of them?? :)

Again, I love capturing people in love.

All of you are amazing.  Thanks for letting me share this weekend with all of you!

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