05 September 2010

A Day in the Park

I've known Anna for six years, ever since I started working at Upward Sports way back in 2004 (I'm still somewhat in denial that it really was six years ago...).  In 2005, Anna found out she and her husband were expecting!  All of us had the privilege of praying with her through this pregnancy and then again a few years later when she found out she and Scott were expecting another!  Well, since time doesn't like to stop, their two babies have grown into little boys and are now 5 and 2.  So, as part of the celebration, we met at a park to hang out, have some fun and take some pictures.

Anna, thank you so much for not just asking me to take pictures of your adorable family, but for sharing your lives with me.  The way you speak to each other, love each other and reach out to those around you make it obvious that you're not here for you, but to serve Christ.  Love you guys!  I hope you enjoy the pictures (and slide show at the end)!

Little boys have so much energy... they're always running and jumping and trying to fly :)

Anna brought some bubbles and Chase was SO adorable trying to get some to appear!

I love that you can tell they're still so in love.

I know this next one looks pitiful, but it's still so darn cute!!

We decided to take a ride on the train...

How adorable is that face...?!

You won't want to miss all of Sage's faces in the slide show... Trust me!

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