26 September 2010

Holly & Hamilton Beach Wedding | Part 3

Yes, it's taken me three posts to present this wedding to you.  Hopefully you're not sick of me and wishing I would just get to the point where they say "I do"!  There are a few things I've realized over the past three days as I've finished getting Holly & Hamilton's pictures ready and posting them... 1) I like to take pictures, lots of them. 2) I have a really hard time narrowing down to a handful of favorites. 3) I tend to take far more vertical than horizontal pictures.  While I was at a shoot today I realized I was doing it again so I forced myself to mix it up a bit more.  So we'll see.  But I digress...

Holly's brother Michael had the honor of conducting the ceremony and he did a wonderful job!  It's been such a joy to watch him grow since I first met him on our mission trip to South Africa five years ago.  As the sun set behind the buildings, the beach glowed.  Holly and Hamilton were nothing but smiles and everyone - including those watching from the balconies overlooking the beach - was so excited for them.  It was one of those ceremonies that was personal to the couple and their families, honoring to God and just overwhelmingly joyful.

Congrats again, Holly and Hamilton.  Many blessings as you continue this journey of life together!!

As I said before, Lana did a FABULOUS job on getting everything ready.


 How adorable is she??

Even though they'd already seen each other, she was so excited to walk down the aisle!


Holly, you are gorgeous.

They included Hamilton's daughter in the ceremony by presenting her with a necklace that held a charm that
signified their families coming together. She is such a precious girl and they make one good looking family!


Not very often are you able to get a group shot of everyone that was at the wedding! I love this.

And I love this too...

Annnd... I love this one.

Ok, maybe I love them all.

Precious perfection.

Night shots on the beach with a full moon?  Yes, please.

Be still my heart...

There's something that kids just love about talking or singing into a microphone.  So much fun!

I usually don't post pictures of myself from a wedding that I'm shooting, but as you've been reading, this one is a little different.  We had three summers in a row where the three of us went on a mission trip together.  Luckily, this one turned out much better than the last one we took (which was in Ukraine at the end of the week when we were all exhausted and trying to leave for the airport!).

When Lana and Myrna were talking about the throw-away bouquet before the wedding, I looked at them and asked if there were going to be any other single people there besides me and the kids.  They said probably not so I asked why Holly was going to throw it when she might as well just hand it to me!  Well, they wanted her to toss it so she did.  Don't mind the bridesmaids, one of whom is expecting and the other who is engaged.  They were simply stand-ins so that I didn't look quite so pitiful :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your destination wedding and that the honeymoon was fabulous!

Check back soon for a slide show of their wedding weekend!

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