17 September 2010

Fabulous Friday: Destination Destin

A few days ago I hopped in my car after work and drove to Atlanta to get up before the crack of dawn to make my way down to Destin, FL for a friend's wedding.  I think the getting up before the sun is what did me in because somewhere in southern Alabama, I had to stop at a drug store for some Sudafed.  My nose was running faster than I'll ever have hopes of running.  Blah.  I feel fine!  I mean, other than wanting a nap this afternoon, but at least I'm not completely laid up and not able to enjoy the weekend.

I actually know the bride because of her mother.  Myrna and I met through working together and first got to know each other through a mission trip to South Africa five years ago.  It's hard to believe it was five years ago that we got on a plane and traveled halfway around the world to find ourselves on a gorgeous beach for her daughter's wedding.  I love my life - but I love it because of the people God has surrounded me with.

Myrna and her family have always loved me and welcomed me as part of their own.  We are laughing and goofing off and getting things done!  And I'm only blowing my nose every once in a while.  Luckily I have some super cute tissue for it... thanks to Myrna :)

Tonight is the rehearsal and a luau before the ceremony on the beach tomorrow at sunset.  Man... I love getting to do this!

Happy Friday!

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Christen said...

So jealous! A beach wedding? How fun! I hope you're feeling better and are able to enjoy the wedding. Can't wait to see the pictures!

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