29 September 2010

Carrs and Rocks and Capri Sun

There's something about little boys wanting to explore that I find fascinating.  I love how they always want to be in something, figuring out how it works, trying to build it up or tear it down... and they have no fear when it comes to getting dirty!  On my way home from Holly and Hamilton's wedding in Destin, FL, I stopped in Atlanta for the WPPI Road Trip and had a chance to meet up with Ann and Jon and their boys.  Oh my goodness... I haven't seen Logan since he was just learning to crawl and this was my first time laying eyes on Cooper.  SO adorable and SO much fun.  I loved getting to see you guys again, meet your boys, talk some football and eat Mexican after a super fun and super hot day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and hopefully it won't be so long before I see you guys again!

Cooper was trying oh-so-hard to reach like his brother had been doing!

Your heart may melt with this one...

And possibly this one too...

I honestly think this one on the bench is of my favorites from the day.

Ann and Jon celebrated 10 years of marriage later in the week.  Congrats you two! 
You're gorgeous and I just adore your family :)

Nothing like a good Capri Sun to wind down after a long photo session :)

You won't want to miss their slide show...

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