03 June 2010

Engaged | Ashley & Michael

Ashley and Michael's engagement session started out with me doing something I've never done before... ironing the groom-to-be's clothing.  And no, that is not included in my normal contract.  Sorry guys!  But, when you've traveled around the world and been on a few mission trips with someone who essentially becomes your little brother, you do crazy things like that :-)

Michael was on the trip to South Africa that I mentioned in my previous post of his sister's bridal portraits.  So, I've known him for a while.  He was even "my intern" at Upward Sports a couple of summers ago.  So, because of all of this, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear he had proposed... and I was even more thrilled to meet the beautiful girl he had fallen in love with.

Love you guys.  Can't wait to see you at Holly's wedding in September!

Ashley and Michael's reception for their wedding in December will be at Luckett Lodge, which is where we headed for their engagement pictures.  It's unbelievably beautiful.
I so wanted to put the two of them in a boat and send them out in the midst of the lily pads. I would have been happy just seeing a big fat frog sitting on one of them.  But alas, neither of those things happened... not this time anyway!

Ashley, you're gorgeous.

After a quick outfit change we headed to another part of the property.

Michael did a pretty amazing job picking out the ring. Doncha think??

Fierce. Love it.

We were talking about how this would be a perfect spot for a dancing reception, in a month warmer than December, of course... so they humored me when I asked them to dance :-)

I mean, could y'all be more adorable?

And so sassy... y'all crack me up!

Shortly after this we made one last stop before going home.  When he proposed, Michael sent Ashley on a venture to spots that held significant memories for them during the course of their relationship and this is where she ended up and found Michael with a ring.  He was under the cross, which is the foundation of their relationship.

Mucho thanks to Jason Ryu (and Myrna too!) for being such an amazing assistant and for taking this picture of Myrna and me.

To see more pictures of Ashley and Michael, click here to see their slide show!

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