24 September 2010

Holly & Hamilton Beach Wedding | Part 2

I love being a part of the bride getting ready.  There's anticipation, there are details, there's excitement... and it's just fun!  Holly, you are beautiful, but with that dress on, your make-up looking fabulous, and your hair just-so (thanks to Hamilton's mom!), you were radiant.

This was from the balcony of the condo and while it was a beautiful setting for such an
important event, this just reminds me how small we are and how big God is...

This was just before their First Look.  I adore First Looks because the bride and groom get to see
each other for the first time before the ceremony, have some time to themselves before the big event, and it leaves
plenty of time for pictures without having to feel the need to rush and get to the reception.

Aaannnnd... you get to have pictures like these...

Warning: These following pictures are going to get HOTT.  I mean, have you seen these two? 
They're gorgeous.  So get ready for some fierceness. 

See, I told you.  Fierce.  Get.It.Girl.

Anyone need a magazine cover?  Hott.

You girls are fabulous.  And gorgeous.

Guys, you're not too bad either ;-)

I just can't begin to express how wonderful it was to spend four days with these ladies.  Love you all!

Stay tuned for Part 3... the ceremony and the reception!

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