10 September 2010

Fabulous Friday: Nat Geo Photo Show

Yes, I said Nat Geo.  Not because I'm cool and have an "in" with them just because I've traveled to a foreign land and shot pictures with one of their super talented photographers and an incredible group of photographers from around the states and the world.  I said Nat Geo for one simple reason... when you talk about it and type it a lot, it's just easier to shorten it :)

I can't believe the show is tonight.  I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm relieved... so many emotions going through me... including a little anxiousness because I want to find a new outfit and I haven't gone shopping yet.  Oops!  Here's hoping Anne Taylor Loft or White House/Black Market have something!  But I digress...

What's blown me away in the midst of getting everything together is the incredible outpouring of love and support from my friends and family.  Seriously.  When I came home yesterday from a long day of hanging pictures on walls (you have no idea what all goes into this!  I say that only because I had no idea either!!) and a shopping trip to Costco, I pulled into my driveway to see a bouquet of roses and yellow flowers on my front porch.  Granted, when you're a pretty big deal like I am, you receive flowers ALL the time (please note the utter most extremity of sarcasm in that sentence).  But these flowers?  These flowers were from two of my best friends that can't make it tonight.  I know they want to be there to love me and support me and to see the pictures they've seen plenty of times before, but they can't make it.  So, they reminded me of how much they treasure me and what God has allowed me to do by giving me something as simple and beautiful as flowers.  By the time I opened and read the card, I couldn't even call them because I was crying so much.  Ugh, I'm such a girl sometimes! :)

I don't know what to expect tonight.  All I know is that my grandparents allowed me the chance of a lifetime by taking this trip last fall.  All I know is that I love taking pictures.  All I know is that I love to travel and explore the world.  And all I know in regards to tonight is that I've been given the chance to share all of those things with whomever wants to take a moment of their day to come and experience some of these things that bring me joy.

I'm blessed, I'm honored, and I'm humbled by all God has done and all that He is showing me through not just this show, but the people He's surrounded me with.

So, I really hope you can make it tonight!  If not, the pictures will be hanging for a month and there will be two more general opportunities for anyone to come and stop by.  On September 25 there will be an open house, sometime in the afternoon (details to follow).  And on October 1, The Artistry will be open as a part of First Fridays in Greenville.

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