22 March 2012

Engaged | Susan and Bryan

Susan and I met in college through FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  She was a freshman when I was a sophomore and I still remember that group of girls that were as tight knit as we were.  Susan ALWAYS had a smile on her face and she was ALWAYS glad to see you and she ALWAYS brightened my day.

But, it wasn't until she had been teaching at Easley High School for a little while when began to brighten someone else's day.  Teaching Biology can have it's dull moments, but once Bryan began to see and notice Susan... his days were nothing but bright.

On her 30th birthday, Bryan came to pick Susan up for a party with both of their families.  She had been having a pretty rough day (turning 30 can do that sometimes!), so when Bryan arrived and knocked on her door, she got in the car before he could say much.  With her in the passenger seat, he handed her a box and she slowly opened the shipping box that was not wrapped with your usual birthday flare.  When she pulled out the century old ring, she was disappointed.  She didn't get it.  And that's when Bryan said, "If we were outside right now, this is when I would get down on one knee and ask you to marry me."  This time, it was Bryan who brightened Susan's day.

Susan and Bryan, thank you so much for the honor of allowing me to document your love.  I'm so looking forward to your June wedding in Clemson!

Susan fits perfectly under Bryan's chin.  I love it.

Ahh!  You guys are awesome!

I just love this one :-)

I know the one above and below are super similar, but I just love them.
You guys are amazing at this "modeling" thing!

All. Time. Favorite.
Susan... get it girl.

Susan... seriously... you're just gorgeous.

This ring was Bryan's great-great-great aunt's. So it's at least 100 years old.
And it's still gorgeous!!

Bryan also went to Clemson (woohoo!), but he and Susan didn't meet until they were both teaching.

We came upon this sign and Susan exclaimed that Bryan was her orange crush!

Gorgeous, Susan.  Just... gorgeous.

Susan received this t-shirt as a Christmas gift and asked if we could somehow
incorporate it and mimic the picture on the back.  Most definitely!!

Come on  you guys... you're just so great together!

We ended on a bright note as the sun was getting too high... but it seemed fitting :-)


Jaclyn Bohanan said...

I went to high school with Brian! So awesome to see him all grown up and getting married:)

Will, Diana, Wyatt, and Ruthie Thompson said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous "models"!! Congrats Susan, super excited for you!!!!

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