16 March 2012

Fabulous Friday | San Francisco

It is indeed a Fabulous Friday!  Why?  Because I'll be hanging out with Katelyn James and several other photographers at Katelyn's Workshop Experience!!!  To say I'm excited is a huge understatement.

But, this post is actually more for Ben than anyone... it's the first time we've been apart for more than a working day since we got married in November.  And he hasn't really seen these pictures other than on the back of the camera.  So, baby... I miss you and I love you.  And I'm so thankful for the fun we have  and for all the trips we're going to take together :-*

A year ago, I won a contest on Twitter for 2 round trip tickets on Delta for anywhere in the continental US or Canada.  I know, right??  I couldn't believe it either.  Well, this time a year ago, Ben and I were still several months from getting engaged, but I knew we were headed that way.  And of course I wanted to use our tickets for us to go somewhere together!  The question was whether to use them for our honeymoon or not.  Well, we had a year that they would be good so has God has helped me wait on so many things before, I knew I could wait on this too.

We decided after getting married (and when we could share a room instead of getting two rooms!) that we'd fly out to San Francisco.  I'd been there in the fall of 2010 and had not only been wanting to go back ever since, but I'd wanted Ben to go with me!  So, we got up before the crack of dawn on a Thursday morning, were in San Fran before lunch and walked our legs off until Saturday night around 8:30pm when the shuttle came to pick us up for the airport.  It was a short trip, but full of fun, laughter, adventure, amazing food, and time together.

I'm warning you... there are a ton of pictures!  But we hope you enjoy them all the same :-)

After a quick nap our first day there, we headed to China Town.

Our main reason for going was to find the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Yum!

Breakfast Friday morning was at Sears Fine Food.

Then we took our time heading to Pier 33 to venture out to Alcatraz.

This one's blurry... but it was a fun little garden and it's a memory :-)

Does this pier take us to Durmstrang??


Alcatraz is actually a state park now.  And volunteer gardeners take care of it.
And succulents are everywhere!!  I just love them :-)

Cells on the left. Library on the right.

We're really hard core.

After we left Alcatraz, ate lunch at Boudin Bakery, we wandered into the wax museum.  Come on... you know you've always wanted to go too!

The presidents of my lifetime... minus Carter and Obama.

These next two are of some important parts of Jesus's life... it was all a little strange.

Lombard Street (at the bottom).

The streets really are that steep.

How fun is this street??

In our wanderings back to the hotel we stopped for a little portrait session.

He's so handsome!!!

Please ignore the windblown hair.
But please notice how amazing my husband is behind the camera. 

We found my car!  Well, we found the car I've been dreaming about anyway.

If we ever moved to San Fran (which we won't - it's crazy expensive!), I'd want to live here.

Isn't it so pretty?

It wasn't quite Paris, but we love cafes nonetheless!

Our first stop Saturday morning was the Farmer's Market!

Ben loves Rosemary... and he's gotten me to really like it too :-)

Oh Provence... how I miss you!

Then we grabbed a cab out to the Golden Gate Bridge... on maybe the windiest day ever.

There were sail boats ALL over the bay.

The red bag on my shoulder is a Tote & Shoot...
Ben gave it to me for Christmas and it's amazing!!

It was beautiful.

Love these two.

THIS is how windy it was.

Do you see those little surfers?  Do you see those rocks?
We were a little scared for them!

Succulents!!  Still love them.


Ashley Post said...

I love the pictures! And I really want to visit San Francisco! We need to get together so I can hear all the places Kevan and I should visit when we go out there (someday!)

Ben Fields said...

So much fun! Thank you, baby.
I'm so thankful for your gift, love, and talent for preserving our memories together.

i love you

Katie Nesbitt said...

You are so cute!! I love that you are sad you and your husband were apart...well I dont love it that you were apart or that you were sad, it's just cute! I miss mine like that too!

P.S. I love your San Francisco pics!! It looks like it was an incredible time!

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