21 March 2012

Sweet Quinn

Quinn is one of my ClemsoNieces.  Her mom, Megan, was one of my roommates at Clemson and we celebrated Quinn on our cabin weekend this past December... and now she's here!  I wasn't able to get over there until she was celebrating being a month old, but it seemed like the perfect chance to get some pictures and love on her a little bit.

Megan and Travis... Quinn is beautiful!  Thank you for letting me come over and capture this time in your lives.  I love you guys and your sweet family of three!

Her nursery still has some finishing touches to go, but I love it already!

Mallory Quinn Selman
February 9, 2012

I got this adorable hat from Etsy a while back, but Quinn wasn't a huge fan of it :-)


Quinn was getting a tad fussy, but daddy came to the rescue!

Travis, you're already a great dad.

Some friends of theirs made this adorable little sweater and hat for Quinn... 
People with that talent (and patience!) amaze me.

Be still my heart...

It's important to teach them about Clemson early! :-)

Megan, my friend... you are stunningly beautiful.

She was doing a fist pump because we were done with pictures :-)

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