28 March 2012

Cousins and March Birthdays

Andrea turned six (still can't believe it!) on 3/13 and David will turn four on 3/31.  And Jill, their mom, has a birthday on 11/3.  Their dad's birthday is in July and doesn't have a 1 or a 3 in it...

I just love these kids to pieces and when Jill asked about getting their yearly pictures, of course I said yes! We met the day after Andrea's birthday, but a couple of days before her Repunzel party.  Andrea and David... I hope you guys have a wonderful birthday month!!

Their cousin Emily came too because she's now 9 months old and standing up!  I thought time went fast when we were in college... but now that these kids are a part of our lives, I think time has somehow sped up.

Last time we took some pictures, David was not a fan of smiling at the camera.
Maybe he just needed warmer weather to make him smile :-)  I can't blame him!

Andrea is definitely the silly one.

Emily... you get me with your blue eyes every time!

She's a pro at crawling...

...and I'm sure she'll soon be a pro at standing and walking!

The light was amazingly warm and made the spring colors (and Emily's eyes) POP like crazy!

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