09 March 2012

Fabulous Friday | The Fix

Several years ago when I thought that photography was something I'd like to pursue professionally, I met with a couple of friends to sit down and talk business.  I wanted to know what I needed to do and how in the world I should get started!  Both of them gave me INVALUABLE advice.  One told me that there's no reason for us to be divas in this industry.  While Greenville, SC is a growing city and there are a lot of photographers, there are still enough people in this town for us all to do what we love... so it only helps all of us if we work together.  Holy cow.  I would like to think that I would have thought that way, but the truth is, I'm a selfish person.  I hate that about myself, but when I look at things I do or reasons I end up hurting people sometimes, it's because I'm not thinking of anyone but myself.  So to hear that right off the bat took me in a direction that I will forever be grateful for.

The network of photographers that we have in Greenville and that I've connected with around the globe has been INVALUABLE.  Those who have opened their homes, their businesses, and even parts of their lives so that others can learn have helped me grow as not just a photographer, but a person!  And the best thing about each of those people is that they themselves know and realize that they will always have room to grow.  So, while I'm going to their workshops, they're seeking advice from others and attending conferences too!  It just flat out blows me away.  And I love it.

So, if you are just starting out... if you love taking pictures and think you might want to do photography full time (or even part time!)... seek out people that are willing to pour into you.  Ask questions, ask some more questions, and when they've answered those, ask some more!  The reason I've grown at all within this business and industry is because of others.  And I'm so so so thankful.

Another friend that I met with way back in 2008 not only had enough faith in me to ask me to second shoot some weddings with her (I didn't even know what second shooting was!), but she talked openly and honestly with me about this industry and gave me some starting places online.  She told me to look up David Jay and Jasmine Star.

Holy tamoly.  These two have shaped my online presence.  They've encouraged me to be honest and real.  They've encouraged me to be something else that no one else can... ME.  They've opened my eyes to other communities out there and created opportunities that I never would have otherwise had.  For example... because of knowing who David Jay is, I know about Showit and have my website through them.  Because of using Showit, I am a Showiteer and am a part of that Facebook group.  Because of that Facebook group, I got connected to Chris and Ashley Poisella (of Ashley Therese Photography) who took our pictures on our honeymoon in PARIS!  We love Chris and Ashley... but this is a huge shoutout to David Jay for helping us get connected in the first place!

I remember my friend giving me Jasmine Star's name and saying she had a girl crush on her.  After reading her blog and looking at her pictures for the last several years, I fully and completely understand why!  So, when Jasmine announced that she would be touring the country, and Atlanta would be one of her stops, I just had to go.  And Ben was able to go with me!

Let me just say that I admitted I would be star struck when we got there and when I walked in the room and saw her... in the flesh... I screamed.  Ok, maybe not.  I had a moment, but Ben was the only one aware of said moment :-)

They're using the Pass tour bus that was used last year... love it!

We arrived just in time to grab our seats (which a friend had so amazingly saved for us on the second row!) and listen as Ashley Goodwin, a good friend of Jasmine's, welcomed us and started off the evening.

Then, Jasmine came up!  I couldn't believe we were there to hear her in person #stillstarstruck

One of the things she spoke about was how change and struggle go hand in hand.

But, we don't have to go at it alone!  It only makes sense for all of us to be working together.

I'm sure she was saying something like, "I know, right??"

There was some Q&A time with an open mic.

I love it when people talk with their hands.  And J* is a master :-)

Ariana started our Facebook group for The Fix: Atlanta. So sorry I didn't get to say hello in person!

I was slow on the draw to get a picture of Jasmine and her husband JD... 

After a break, Jasmine came back and read an excerpt from her magazine, Exposed.

Then she sat down for a few questions with Ashley - each night Ashley's questions are different so Jasmine said she was a bit nervous.  But, she was a rockstar.  As always :-)

She wrapped the night with some more Q&A before finishing the evening with another meet & greet.

This sweet girl is Anna Klapp!  We're both attending Katelyn James' workshop next week and was thrilled when I realized we'd both be at The Fix this week!  She's the awesome friend that saved seats for us :-)  And who also took the following pictures of us with Jasmine!

And then it happened... I got to meet J* face to face.  Ahh!  #stillstarstruck
Do you see that smile on her face?  Yes, it's genuine. It was 10:30pm and we were all but the last in line to say hello and thank her.  And she was as happy to meet us as she'd been to meet the first people to walk through the doors at 6pm.

I apparently didn't stop talking the entire time...

My sweet husband bought a copy of Exposed for me and she graciously signed it for us :-)

Clearly I'm in love with both of the people in this picture!  Ha! Would you look at my face?
The tilt of the head, the goofy smile.  Sheesh :-)

Jasmine, seriously... thank you...
For what you do, for who you are, for following your dream, and for encouraging the rest of us to do the same.

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Sabrina! I love this post - I'm so glad you got to meet her! I love that you admitted that you were clearly in love with both Ben and Jasmine. And BEN - what an awesome guy for going to hear her with you!

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