15 March 2012

Emily is 6 months!

It's hard to believe that it's already been six months since I first met Emily and her sweet mom.  Six months ago, Marissa was a new mom and I was newly engaged... now, she's settling into motherhood and I'm (always going to be) learning to be a wife!

Emily is growing like crazy and it was so fun to see her after six months and capture this stage in her life.  She's sitting up, trying to crawl, and loves sticking her hand in her mouth :-)  She also adores her mom and her nana!  All they had to do was stand behind me or beside me and Emily's face would just light up. And even at six months old, this girl knows how to work a camera!  Watch out, Marissa... between her blue eyes and loving the camera, you may have a future model on your hands!

The one on the right might possibly be one of my favorites.

This one is also a favorite!


I just had to include these two... Marissa said that Emily hasn't ever been a fan of being kissed.
To which nana said, "Let's hope it stays that way!" :-)

I. Loved. This. Outfit!!

Oh my goodness, Emily... you are TOO sweet!

I love this one... I know she has bright colors on, but I tried this out in black and white and just loved it!

Ok, this one might actually be my favorite... so it got to stand alone.

Ah!  So adorable!

Marissa, my dear, you are beautiful!

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to capture Emily's first year of life.  So excited to see you all in another six months!

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