31 May 2011

Sneak Peak! | Family Fun

I've been so blessed to have known this family for as long as I have.  Their younger daughter was in my freshman bible study at Clemson and she's part of the group of girls that I go to the cabin with each year.  So when she called me about doing some pictures for her family around her mom's birthday, I was SO excited!  It was so much fun to have an excuse to hang out with their family... although I'm sure they will tell you that I don't need an excuse, that I'm welcome at any time.  And I believe it because they're just that wonderful.

Since this was for Kathy's birthday, I'm going to leave you with a teaser of her and Kendall.  And because there are so many good ones, I'm giving you a taste with two photos.  Can't wait to share more!

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