05 May 2011

Engaged | Abigail and Brent

They met at a football game the fall of Abigail's senior year in high school.  But it wasn't until the next spring, when Brent came home from college that they started hanging out and becoming friends.  It didn't take Brent long at all to realize that there was something really special about Abigail, but she didn't see him as anything more than a friend.... a really good friend.

As the summer went on and Abigail was getting ready to head to Clemson, Brent was going to the beach with his family for a week's vacation.  Being the only single one in the family, Brent begged Abigail to go with them.  But, since they were just friends, she said there was no way she could go.  Brent didn't give up.  Half way through the week, he called her and asked her again to come and keep him company.  She eventually gave in when he offered to drive all the way home from the beach to pick her up and drive them both back to the coast!

Even after all of this, Abigail was convinced they were only meant to be friends.  Besides, she was going to Clemson and had an exciting four years ahead of her!  But, God had different plans.  Once she arrived on campus and began making friends and meeting other students, guys in particular, she realized just how incredible Brent actually was... not just in general, but specifically towards her.  And now, she can't imagine her life without her best friend.

I am thrilled to be sharing in their wedding day in Rock Hill this June.  It will be a day surrounded by friends and family and I can already guarantee that I'll be extra thankful for the auto focus on my camera as the tears fall down my face when they say I Do.  Even though Abigail will be transferring to Winthrop this fall to be with Brent and closer to their families, she wanted to get some pictures around Clemson since that's where they've grown to love each other and it's where Brent proposed.  Clemson is near and dear to my heart, but these two helped me see it in a whole new light that only made me fall in love with it more!

We started the session in one of my friend's backyards... where the light turned out to be perfect.

Abigail told me a few times before our session that she and Brent weren't used to being in front of the camera.
And once again, my clients were wrong... they are complete naturals! :-)

Abigail... oh my word.  You are gorgeous.

I have to dedicate these next few to Jasmine Star for reminding me to sometimes take a look behind me.  If I hadn't turned around to look at this incredible couple, I would have missed how awesome this light was and kept walking to our next spot.

Ah!  I love it.

Girl, you are fierce without even trying.

Are they not the cutest??

I shot my very first engagement session in the Botanical Gardens back in 2002.  And it was so much fun to go back and have another go at it.
Of course it helped that both times I had SUCH amazing couples!

Oh, the light!

I. Love. This. Image.  They just seem to pop right out of the forest!

Brent, my friend... fantastic job on the ring.  It's gorgeous.

I loved watching their faces light up when they looked at each other.  Each and every time!

Brent is such a good sport... this is the spot where he proposed and Abigail asked for a picture to try and capture that moment again.
Brent, I hope you like this picture as much as I do and that you think it was worth it!!

I know I've mentioned it once or twice before in this post, but the light... oh my goodness.


Have you ever seen a Clemson sunset?  They are orange.  And beautiful.
And they make for some fantastic silhouette shots.

Congrats again you two... thanks for such a fun session and for spending time with us after we were done with pictures!  Dinner at Brioso was SO good.

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vee ! said...

Daww. These are great photos and those two are so cute together. It makes me happy that I got to sit in Sunday school with them.

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