13 May 2011

Fabulous Friday | Girls Night & Surprises

I'm really hard to surprise.  I've always loved being "in the know" and the desire to plan everything makes it difficult to surprise me with anything.  Ben found this out early in our relationship and I've felt for him ever since.  However, as we're growing and learning, he's finding ways to sneak things past me.

A month or so ago we had gone downtown to get some night shots of the bridge at Falls Park.  Once we had the shots I'd been looking for, we got some ice cream from Spill the Beans and sat on a bench outside to talk, people watch, and listen to said people play various instruments.  The weather was perfect and everything was grand.  I don't remember what exactly we were talking about, but Ben pulled out his phone to look at something on his calendar.  As I started to look over his shoulder, he pulled his phone away so I couldn't see something.  Oh the torture!

I asked what it was... several times.  But, remembering how hard I am to surprise, I let it go.  And after that night I really only thought about it a few times, wondering what in the world he had on there.  I promise!  See, I'm getting better...

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was scheduling some photo sessions and a few days later, we were emailing back and forth to "swap calendars" so we knew what we had going on and coming up.  Well, he asked me about the session I'd scheduled for May 13 (which is today).  We hadn't talked about it beforehand, but I soon realized one of the reasons it was such a big deal was because he had a surprise for me tonight.  He said he figured he would end up having to tell me about it before hand, but he was hoping to keep it a surprise for a little while longer.

He and some other guys had gotten together to give some of us a Girls Night Out.  Um, wow!!  Now, I knew that I had a pretty great guy and that my friends had married some pretty great guys, but still.  This just reinforces how wonderful they are.  So, some of us girls are going out to dinner and then heading to the Peace Center to see Girls Night (it's a musical!).

Ben, thank you... for thinking of me, for loving me, and for surprising me :-)  And yes, internet, I apologized for messing up the surprise.  Hopefully as time goes on this whole surprise thing will get a little easier.

And because every post is that much better with a picture, these are the flowers the chef at Cafe Paulista Grille brought to our table the other night... She (the chef) brought some to me and the other lady of the couple that was with us, but she just "happened" to hand me the orange ones :-)

Happy weekend!

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