25 May 2011

Seniors | Nick

Nick is one of those guys that is so genuine, you can't help but feel at ease around him.  He's full of smiles and laughter and a willingness to help with whatever is going on.  He's an incredible big brother to his younger brother and sister and from what I hear, he's a pretty great son too.

Nick, I'm so excited for you and your senior year... just don't mind the few tears you might see from me as the year goes by.  It's been such a joy to watch you grow into the young man that you are.  Thank you for pursuing God, connecting with the church, your family, and your friends, and for engaging the world.  You are such an encouragement to so many people around you!

I hope you and your family enjoy the pictures and your website!

Boys will be boys... Nick is smiling so big b/c he had just given the truck the international
"honk your horn!" signal and the truck driver totally obliged!

We have to give a shout-out to Nick's sister Gabrielle for helping make Nick laugh!

Nick, this is awesome.  Your model face is perfect.

Nick, you totally rocked these pictures.  Thanks for such a fun session!

As I mentioned above... thanks again to one of the best assistants ever!

Don't forget to check out Nick's site by clicking below!

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