27 May 2011

Seniors | Nic

Let me introduce you to Nic... we had a lot of fun with his senior session!  Some of that has to do with the fact that some of his family came along to cheer him on, make funny faces at him, and just be the fun and wonderful family that they are!  As we wandered around downtown Greenville, Nic caught me up to speed on how things are going, how prom went the weekend before, and how he's looking forward to his senior year.

Basketball is a big part of Nic's life and due to a couple of reasons, including a torn ACL, he wasn't able to play this past year.  So, he's definitely looking forward to being on the court again!  Nic is such a genuine guy who loves the Lord, loves his family and is looking forward to what his future has in store.

Nic, congratulations on becoming a senior!  I hope you have a wonderful summer and that you enjoy your pictures and your website!

This spot is one of my favorites.  And this was at the beginning of the session.  Nic, you rock.

I love these in the "alley".

Nic - so natural!  You had this posing thing down in no. time. flat.

One of my favorites from the session...

 Yes, he is palming the basketball.  I can totally do that too... with a basketball made for Smurfs.

I feel like this should be an ad... or on a commercial!

Nic loves this hat.  Loves it.

But even after his explanation, I don't get why the sticker has to stay on.
But, as is obvious from this session and these pictures, you are way cooler than I am,
so I'm just going to have to take your word for the sticker thing! 

Nic, your smile is SO genuine!

Yet, at the same time, you've got the GQ/model look d-o-w-n.

Joanna and Rebekah (and mom!) - thanks for all your help!  Lydia... we missed you!

Don't forget to click below to check out Nic's website!

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