19 May 2011

Prom 2011 | Elizabeth & Tyler

Both of my parents come from families of five.  Five children.  My mom was the oldest of her set and my dad was the middle one of his set.  So, as you can imagine, I have a pretty decent sized extended family!  But, I love it.  Especially because most of my dad's siblings live about 30 minutes away (which means I really should see them far more often than I do... but that's another blog post).

Well, one of my cousins has a daughter in high school who attended prom with her boyfriend this past weekend.  Elizabeth is gorgeous!  And Tyler is quite handsome himself!  Seriously you two, if all else falls through, I really think the modeling industry would benefit by employing you guys.  Just sayin' :-)

We met up in the West End of downtown Greenville before Elizabeth and Tyler were to meet their friends for dinner and the dance.  I hope you guys had a blast!  Thanks for letting me hang out with you and capture the beginnings of a fun evening!

Many of you know that pink isn't my personal color of choice.  But man... Elizabeth can SO pull it off!  And it totally makes these pictures pop.
I love it!!


Gorge.  As in gorgeous.

Shelly was taking a picture with Tyler's phone to send to his mom... a definite must!

I would like to take this moment to thank the wind for making Elizabeth even more gorgeous than she already is.

A little tidbit about Elizabeth... she's the current Miss Teen Laurens County!  I might be a little proud.

Tyler and Elizabeth get major props for these next few pictures.  I asked them to go stand in some "brush" and they were all for it.  Little did we know that there would be little briars all over the place that would love Elizabeth's dress so much!  But they were super gracious and patient as we pulled each and everyone off of her dress.  I have a pretty great family :-)

Tyler... you've so got "the look" down!

I love these.

 Y'all are fabulous.  No qualms about it.

We needed some of just Tyler for his mom.  I'm thinking she's going to like these!

A gorgeous couple on a fabulous set of stairs with the reflection of the Drive scoreboard in the door.  Love.

Y'all are fabulous.  And gorgeous.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you on Saturday!

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