16 September 2011

Fabulous Friday | Large Canvases

Something I love is getting images off of my computer and onto a wall.  It's so hard to do that - even with my own pictures from trips or with family!  So, I'm not only encouraging you through this post, but myself as well.  I'm in the slow process of decorating the back room in my house so that it's a functional office.  I've had a couple smaller canvases leaning against a wall for a while, but once I got a couple of chairs back there and some book shelves up, I realized that the wall space I had called for something bigger than the little 11x14 and 16x20.  Don't get me wrong, I love those canvases.  But I wanted something B-I-G.  So, I got a 24x36 inch canvas from Kirstine and Christopher's wedding last year on 10-10-10. So, don't be afraid of going big!

What do you think?

Anything smaller wouldn't have worked in that space.

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