02 September 2011

Fabulous Friday | DIY Flowers

Even before getting engaged, even before meeting Ben, I was taking pictures... and taking pictures of weddings.  So, if I had a few minutes during the day or was waiting in line at the store, I was probably on one of a few blogs that I visit regularly.  Granted, my PURPOSE for visiting those blogs now has increased since I'm not only looking at them as a photographer but now as a bride.

But even aside from all of that, one of the DIY (Do It Yourself) things I saw on a few blogs pretty consistently was about flowers.  I LOVE flowers.  But I've always been horrible with arranging them!!

When I was living in Brussels, there was a flower stand that would be close to our house at least once a week and with the beautiful flowers and the not-so-expensive prices, we almost always had fresh flowers in the house.  And I loved it!  So, with dual purpose, I went to Whole Foods last week and purchased some baby's breath (and spur of the moment, some solidago aster (don't worry, you'll see what it is in a minute)), went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some small inexpensive glass containers (that were 50% off!!) and came home for some arts and crafts.  And I'm so. excited. with what came out of it.

Baby's breath is pretty inexpensive.  And as you pull it apart, it seems to multiply!  And, it's gorgeous.  So with those two things, there wasn't a ton of arranging to do, which was awesome! So, brides, if you're thinking about flowers, think about using baby's breath... on it's own!

In trying to figure out what to do with aisle markers for the pews at the wedding, one of my friends suggested getting some cones or something to tie around the pews and put flowers in.  But with the vintage/antique European theme of the wedding, I remembered I had some scrapbook paper that, no lie, is called Euro Vintage.  So, I wrapped it into a cone, taped it closed, punched a hole in the top of the back (which is covered up by flowers) and tied some ribbon around it to hang.  Then I pulled the baby's breath apart and stuck it in.  And I love it.  Just. Love. It.

Now, I want to give credit where it's due, so some of this post was inspired by the fabulous Katelyn James.  She did a DIY post on doilies (yes, those things I swore I'd never have use for) and she was so right - they just add a little extra prettiness and I'm a fan.

Do you see the doilies?  They're so simple, so inexpensive, and so much better than just a brown table or even a patterned table cloth!

Katelyn (since we're on a first name basis), talks about adding height to center pieces when using a few different vases.  Both of these smaller ones were about $3 each (thank you 50% off!), but they were about the same height.  So all I did was grab a few books from my French lit class in college to add a little something extra.

I don't know if I'll use the solidago aster at the wedding, but I really like it!!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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The Schoon Scoop said...

So simple - and so pretty! I have a whole bunch of art history books if you want to borrow them to decorate.

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