23 September 2011

Newborn | Emily Grace

I was so excited to get a call from Amy about taking pictures of her new granddaughter... and I was even more excited to arrive for the newborn pictures to see the precious little one that was barely a week old!  Marissa, your baby girl is beautiful and amazingly cute.  Thank you for trusting me with capturing these images!  I can't wait to see you again in six months and see how much she's grown.  Enjoy it though, the time goes by quickly!

Baby fingers and toes are some of the most precious and sweetest things ever...

Sometimes it's just rough being a beautiful model...!

Be still my heart... would you look at that sweet face!

She's already got a lot on her mind :-)

Some of my favorite pictures are the ones like these with mom just loving on her baby...
There's just nothing quite as sweet.

Don't worry... when you see the next picture, you'll understand.

Being a beautiful model is hard work and requires nourishment on a regular basis!

Marissa... she only has eyes for you! Look how much she loves you already!

Ok, these next few are in the running for "Top Favorite Pictures", but I couldn't decide on the color or black and white for the one in the green dress.  So, I've posted them both.  I didn't think you would mind :-)

Oh. My. Goodness. Favorite. Picture. Ever.

And this was a really close second :-)

Emily, I know it wasn't the best of days, but you were such a trooper for your first photo session!  Keep growing strong, keep loving your family, and I'll see you again in six months!

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