19 September 2011

Seniors | Sarah

Sarah is one of the girls in my d-group, so I've known her since she was in 9th grade.  Even tonight in talking with her about going to visit some colleges over the next few weeks, I may have gotten a little teary eyed.  There is a lot of growing that happens between 9th and 12th grade and to have been a part of that with her and these others girls has been such a joy and a privilege.  

She's not yet sure where she is going to school, but I know that wherever she ends up, she will have fun and will be a blessing to others!  She's the girl who, with her gorgeous smile and excitement for life, can make anyone feel like they are the most important person in the room.  
Sarah, thanks for hanging out with me these two times to get your senior pictures.  And thank you for being so flexible with the crazy weather we had at the end of our first attempt!  You are gorgeous and I'm so thankful to have you in my life.

What did I tell you... gorgeous smile!

I just adore her laugh!

I think this picture below is one of my favorite pictures. Ever.

Sarah's family lives "outside of town", which basically means they not only have some cool land, but they also have some really cool locations close to their house - pictures above and below can attest to that!

Sarah.  Are you for real?  You're stunning!

And this would be her family's farm... where Ben and I actually had our engagement pictures taken!

Sarah wouldn't say she's a "guitar player", but I know that she enjoys playing.
She plays the piano beautifully so I can only imagine that she's just being humble about her guitar playing.

There's her laugh again! :-)

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