31 October 2010

Married! | Kirstine and Christopher

Kirstine was 9 years old when her friend dragged her over to the side of the playground where her friend's brother was playing.  It was the first time that Kirstine and Christopher met face to face.  As they started to get a little older and realized that cooties weren't such a bad thing after-all, they realized they liked each other and decided to "go together".  You know, since you can't really date in middle school, you "go together", kind of like peanut butter and jelly just "go together".

After some time they broke up but after being apart for a couple of years and even dating some other people, they realized that being apart wasn't going to work.  They just fit.  And when things fit, it only makes sense to keep them together.

Kirstine and Christopher, it's been such a pleasure to get to know you and see your love for each other.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day as you declared your love for Christ and for each other, for the chance to meet your families and watch as your two families officially came together as one!

Kirstine... you, my dear, are STUNNING.

Love these beautiful ladies.

I adore this one of Kirstine and her mom.

Lookin' good, guys.

The house, the setting, the beautiful bride, and the groom's adorable little sister were all enough to take your breath away.

Kirstine had a Marilyn Monroe-type dress for the reception.  If you think she's beautiful in her gown, wait until you see her in this!

Not sure how she did it, but Sleeping Beauty was able to sneak a nap before the ceremony.

She decided she wanted to share the flowers with everyone as she went down the aisle!

Outdoor fall weddings are just gorgeous.


I love it!!

They were able to rent this car JUST for pictures after the wedding.  OH. MY. Gah.  Brides, if you want your photographer to love you forever and ever amen... find one of these and set aside extra time for pictures.  I couldn't decide on a favorite so there are 5 of these...

I love watching daddies dance with their not-so-little-anymore girls.

First dance as husband and wife...

This little boy had some MOVES.  I should have watched more closely and taken notes...

One last dance before calling it a night.

Don't miss out on more pictures... click here for their slide show!

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arica said...

Beautiful pictures. And I LOVE the peanut butter & jelly reference!

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