19 June 2010

50 Years of Family

Jill had contacted me months ago about photographing her entire family, all of whom would be in town in June for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was going to be a large task because there would be about 20 people!  But, with everyone living in different parts of the country, it was definitely a special occasion that they wanted to capture.

Last week, I met everyone at Furman and after a brief encounter with some sprinklers that went off when they shouldn't have, we started taking pictures.  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend celebrating with the happy couple!

The entire group!

Not only do I love how she still looks at him, but you can see two of their grandkids are in the background.  Not to get too deep, but it's incredible to see how 50 years of life and love have created such a wonderful family (two of whom are in the background)!

 Jill, I really enjoyed meeting your family!

Had to end with this adorable shot of the youngest grandchild.  Isn't she adorable?

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