09 June 2010

Nicknames and Cousins

My list of nicknames is kind of long.  In high school, my friends called me Brasina.  In college, most just called me Brina, while my friend Kristen started calling me Brinar, which has ended up sticking with a handful of people.  But, my favorite of all time came from a little girl who happens to be one of my favorite 3 year olds, Adri.  Like most kids, there was no hope in her saying Sabrina.  So what ended up coming out was Seeba and it was one of the most adorable things ever!

The summer of 2008, when Adri was close to 18 months old, we had a conversation about my nickname and how she had to call me Seeba forever.  I thought we connected, I thought we were on the same page...!  So you can imagine the shock that hit me when one night at dinner she called me Sabrina.  Wait, what?!?  "Adri, who's this?" "Sabrina." I think the look on my face scared her!  But, I guess it would be a little odd for her to grow up and at 15 years old to still be calling me Seeba.  Maybe :)

Well, as I'm watching my beautiful "niece" grow up, I get to see her precious, smiley, happily laughing brother too.  I mean, when you see him in the pictures below, you're going to smile.  A lot.  So be forewarned.  Well, last weekend, their cousins were in town so Adri's mom asked me to stop by and snap some pictures.  Please note that I remember when Colby was born.  And I realized this weekend that he just turned 8.  I mean, what??

This is one of the sweetest pictures of the two boys.

Although this one of Cooper laughing is pretty great too!

The back lighting in this picture (and the beautiful girl in it) make me so happy!

Remember I warned you about smiling?

Well, I dare you not to smile at this adorable face!

Avery was a little reluctant for most pictures, but I managed to get a couple of her :)

I love this next one!

Thanks for the fun evening of hanging out with you guys... and for the delicious food!  Any time Darrell cooks, feel free to call.  You've got my number :)

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Suzanne said...

Smiling, indeed. Thank you!

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