12 June 2010

Fabulous Friday: 50 years

This morning I did a shoot with 21 people.  It was nothing short of adventurous!  But the shoot happened all because the adorable couple below is celebrating 50 years together and their kids wanted to capture them and their gorgeous family on film... er, in digital files to be made into prints.  Right.  Anyway, more will come later but I couldn't resist sharing this image.  50 years later and still completely in love.

My favorite part about this image (other than them being so cute!) is that it's straight out of the camera (SOOC).  I just learned that acronym the other day so I wanted to see what I could get shooting manual and adjusting as I went.  Not gonna lie... it was a lot to think about, especially with so many people and not wanting to miss anything!  But, getting an image like this was worth it.

Hope you had a happy Friday!

1 comment:

Christen said...

Straight out of the camera? Wow. I'm super impressed! And how freaking adorable are they?!

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