23 November 2009

Run! Run! Run!

Yep, that's what she did. For most of the hour and a half we were together. Run from the car, hide from the camera, look the other way, roll down the hill, jump off some rocks, climb up the steps... Ella did any and everything but sit, look at the camera and smile. It was SO funny. Or at least I thought it was. Her mom didn't think it was quite so funny. But we still managed to get a few fun pictures.

There were actually many favorites but I had to narrow it down so this didn't turn into the longest post ever. Although I kind of like posts with lots of pictures. But I have many to post since I haven't been the best blogger out there the past few months. And boy do I have lots of fun things to blog. I'll intermingle my family sessions with posts from my trip to France. That will keep things interesting and hopefully keep you asking for more!

1 comment:

The Addison Onion said...

love these and this family! holly you look and are so pretty!


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