25 November 2009

Reshoots Are Sometimes Needed

So, I have a confession to make. I'm not as awesome as I wish I was. This is a pretty tough truth to swallow! If you think about it, many of us grow up being told we're cute, funny, adorable, the best kid ever, etc. Hopefully everyone grows up hearing that. But as we grow up, we realize that we aren't as awesome as others possibly have made us out to be.

And that's where this post comes in. I got my sweet 35mm/f1.8 lens just before going toFrance. I actually didn't use the lens as much as I thought I would. So when I got home and had my first shoot with Jason and Emily's family, I thought it would be awesome to use this lens for their family pictures. That is, until I got home and realized their three year old moved a bit too much for me to shoot at f1.8 the entire time. So, I offered to reshoot. And I'm glad they took me up on it! We ended up with a few pictures from the first shoot and many from the second. Thanks so much to Jason and Emily for being so understanding as I learn and grow, fail, learn and grow.

Just like life, anything you choose to do while you're on this Earth is a process. I'm in process as a photographer and for anyone that gives me a chance to continue that process is a star in my book :)
Is she not adorable?? Emily got this pumpkin from Hobby Lobby, cut out the top and this little one fit in it perfectly. SO stinking cute.
These others are from the reshoot. There aren't many becuase I still feel like I post too many as it is! But maybe I'll post more in the future... we'll see.
I think this is my favorite from the two shoots. She's not yet sitting up on her own but she already knows how to work the camera! Love it.

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Tia said...

Did you use the Nikon 35mm 1.8? I own that lens and absolutely love it! I'm actually going to shoot a couple families this afternoon and will prob be using that lens the majority of the time (also used it for my charleston engagement shoot). Did your photos come out blurry because you wanted to get more in focus than just her face? I have the problem with that lens of only being able to use a 1.8 ap.. bc that's when I have my fastest shutter speed. It's important since I primarily use it to get close and therefore wouldn't be using a tripod.

Great photos! I agree, sometimes it's worth it to do a re-shoot... nothing wrong with learning :)

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