11 November 2009

I'm still here!

Oh my goodness. The past month since getting home from France has been nothing short of a whirlwind. My grandfather was not doing well and I was expecting him to pass away while I was out of the country. But, he hung on until the evening I returned home.

His death has been so tough. I know without a doubt that he's in heaven praising Jesus, but he's always been such a staple in my life. Having never lived super close to my mom's parents, I didn't have the advantage of having grandparents close by. But they have always been a short phone call away. And the older I've gotten, the closer I've gotten to them. They have been such a huge blessing in my life... since I've been old enough to really appreciate them, who they are, who they raised my mom to be and for the unconditional love they've shown me.

They sent me on this trip to France so that I could soak up and learn as much as I could - and I promise to blog about that later! But until then, I will leave you with a taste of my last shoot before my trip with Holly and her family. love love love them!

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